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FIATECH and COMIT Partner to Accelerate the Use of Mobile IT in Construction

AUSTIN, TX, June 18, 2007 – FIATECH, and COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT), a UK-based industry organization, have joined forces and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide accelerated results and emerging technology deployments to their respective members and the engineering and construction industry at large.

By pooling resources, both FIATECH and COMIT will have more individuals who will be able to invest time and resources to leverage applicable resources to work on solving critical technology challenges, resulting in much quicker and efficient technology deployments.

"Where FIATECH's focus is on the implementation of innovative technologies across the entire life cycle of a capital construction project, COMIT's focus is on the deployment of mobile IT technology," explains Ric Jackson, director of FIATECH. "COMIT's unique niche in the international construction market is a tremendous value and opportunity for all of us. Technologies that seemed far-reaching and merely conceptual only a couple years ago are now being applied on real projects with amazing results. We are delighted to be expanding our network of resources and expertise in this area, which is exploding in market penetration and growth."

FIATECH and COMIT have already been working closely together on the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element #8 – Technology and Knowledge Enabled Workforce. COMIT has commissioned academic research into the cultural and human-centered factors related to mobile IT project implementation and will be publishing a final report on these findings in the fall of 2007.

Furthermore, as a result of the recent publication (through COMIT) of ERABUILD's "RFID in Construction Report," further collaboration is planned on the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element #4 area focused on an Intelligent and Automated Construction Job Site. Specific work is planned to look into new and emerging applications of RFID technology as well as applications of augmented reality (3D design and visualization technology).

"I am delighted that through this MOU both FIATECH and COMIT can now consolidate and build upon the already strong and fruitful links that have been forged over the last year. Working together we can more easily achieve the critical mass that is required to encourage cultural change within the industry and to drive innovation though the adoption of new technologies," explains Neill Pawsey, Chairman of COMIT.