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May 11 - Integrated Construction Planning with SmartPlant® Construction 2010

Presented by Michael Buss, Vice President Materials & Construction, Global Business Development PPM, Intergraph

Construction projects in today’s market have become more complex. Information from multiple systems and departments or contractors needs to be effectively coordinated and managed to execute construction projects in the most efficient manner.  

Intergraph’s newest addition to the SmartPlant family of products, SmartPlant Construction, uses current information from source systems; such as 3D models, 2D engineering tools, materials management systems, scheduling and warehousing systems, to ensure accurate and timely decisions can be made on the best available information.  During the webinar, we will be getting familiar with SmartPlant Construction,  and how it integrates all necessary information from the required systems to develop precise and flexible work packages to better manage labor and materials at the job site.