Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.


The purpose of the Roadmap is to establish a consensus vision for the capital projects industry and a unifying initiative to achieve the vision. The capital projects industry is a critical element of the industrial base, providing physical infrastructure for economies and standards of living worldwide. Maintaining this infrastructure is an immense challenge. The industry, however, lags other sectors in exploiting technological advances. Vast disparities in business practices and in implementing usable technology application combine to hold possible advancements by the industry in check. The industry's own fragmentation, with a great divergence in tools and technologies from company to company and across its supply chains, adds to the challenge. Other pressures and realities of the 21st Century—national security, international stability, and emerging economies—have moved infrastructure security to the forefront of pressing global issues.

Some of the issues the industry must respond to include:

  • Population growth and demographic shifts
  • Aging buildings and structures
  • Pressures on natural resources
  • Globalization
  • Economic pressures in public and private sectors
  • Workforce issues

To address these issues, the capital projects industry needs:

  • New methods
  • Improved technologies
  • A flexible and responsive workforce
  • Improved business practices

The issues and needs exceed the capabilities of any one organization. The industry itself is not in a position to respond with strength. Through collaboration, however, all of these issues can and should be addressed. Fiatech was formed to provide the leadership for all stakeholders across the industry. The Roadmap is the unifying project for the industry. The collaborative effort to bring the Roadmap into being is open to all organizations, companies, consortia, associations, and research institutions interested in addressing the critical issues the Roadmap brings forward. Because no other concerted effort can be identified that plans on defining common goals, leveraging available resources, and cooperating across all industry sectors to deliver dramatic improvements in capability and cost-effectiveness, Fiatech created the Roadmap initiative to fill the void.