Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2015 Tech Conference

ZPresentation Guideline - Fiatech Speaker

Wednesday_Size Does Matter!

Wednesday_Security in the Cloud

Wednesday_Next Generation Project Tracking and Controls Breakout Session

Wednesday_Interoperability Improvements Advancing Productivity Breakout Session

Wednesday_Internet of Things as the Antidote for Risk

Wednesday_Integrated Planning and Execution Solutions Breakout Session

Wednesday_Industry Challenges, Harvesting Value from Data and Standardization Breakout Session

Wednesday_Effective Lifecycle Asset Info Management

Wednesday_Capitalizing On Mobile Technology in Construction Breakout Session

Wednesday_Advancing Construction Productivity Breakout Session

Wednesday_Adding the Underground to 3D Construction Models

Wednesday _Smart Construction Site

Wednesday Keynote_Pit & the Pendulum

Tuesday_Workforce Panel Presentation Slides

Tuesday_Proven Safety and Risk Management Practices Breakout Session

Tuesday_New Technologies on the Horizons Breakout Session

Tuesday_Integrated Materials Management Breakout Session

Tuesday_Integrated Design Practices Breakout Session

Tuesday_Increasing Productivity Through BIM Breakout Session

Tuesday_Implementing Change

Tuesday_Collaboration Delivering Project Success Breakout Session

Tuesday_AutoCodes General Session Presentation

The Voice of the Owner - Pre-conference Panel Session

Monday_Scanning the Horizon

Monday_IBM Watson Cognitive Intelligence Applications

Monday_Highlights and Insights

Monday_Director Slides

Monday_Collaborative Decision Making, How IT Helps

Monday Keynote: Why Innovation - Stephen Shapiro

Advancing Interoperability with Reference Data - Pre-conference Session