Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2011 Recipients

Adrian Abshere

Adrian Abshere is recognized for his technical expertise in the iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP) software development. He played a key role in breaking through several technical barriers and provided the solution that allowed the IIP project to move forward in developing the SmartPlant P&ID data layer. Abshere's efforts and contributions will benefit many other companies as they begin to take advantage of that data layer.

Harry Daglas

Harry Daglas is a member of the Fiatech Board of Advisors and a huge proponent of Fiatech where he continuously promotes breakthrough ideas and technologies. Daglas, a technology leader with Dassault, encourages all industry participants to view Fiatech as a pipeline of knowledge that is critical for validating industry solutions. A leader by any measure, he is creative, innovative and passionate and uses those qualities to improve the capital projects industry.

Ian Glendinning

Ian Glendinning provides leadership in the development of a vision for implementation of the ISO 15926 standard. Glendinning is an industry recognized expert on ISO 15926. In his quest to see his vision for ISO 15926 become a reality, he has committed extensive personal effort over many years to the benefit of the industry at large. Recently his leadership, drive and passion have been a key catalyst to propel the joint Fiatech and PCA JORD project to success.

Firas Hijazi

Firas Hijazi is an active participant in the Supplier Exchange with Construction project. He openly shares his knowledge of the process and was the voice of construction for the team and proactively educated members of the team on "the why." Those pieces of information were critical in downstream processes. He stepped in when needed to present and bring real examples to demonstrate how the pieces all fit together.

Lisa Hogle

Lisa Hogle has helped bridge the gap between industry and academia. A member of the Fiatech Academic Committee for several years, she has been instrumental in developing the student scholarship program, digital poster sessions and student careers workshops. Hogle is a champion for diversity and for preparing the capital projects industry for the challenges and opportunities the next generation workforce offers.

Sami Kazi

Sami Kazi for several years has championed Fiatech in Europe, bringing awareness and promotion. He currently serves as a member of the European Advisory Group. He has hosted two successful workshops in Finland to coordinate international research efforts around the Roadmap. He has served as a Roadmap Champion for new materials and methods and also co-chairs the Academic Committee. Kazi's advocacy for the Fiatech mission and his personal commitment to advance that mission have been exemplary.

Kenneth Long

Kenneth Long is driven to raise awareness of logistics operations as an untapped resource for significantly increasing materials visibility, predictability, accountability and control on large international capital projects. He led the Global Materials Tracking case study and is currently leading the Consolidating Logistics Control Attributesproject, which is focused on identifying data sources, purpose and attributes associated with the movement of materials and equipment on capital projects.

John McQuary

John McQuary, a leader in Fiatech for the past decade, has served two terms on the Board of Advisors. He is a past chair of the CETI Award jury, the member meeting and the annual conference. McQuary has led workforce and training, the Roadmap element area focused on workforce, and is a recognized authority on knowledge management. His passion for training and educating has left a lasting impact on Fiatech and on the capital projects industry.

Gord Rachar

Gord Rachar authored An Introduction to ISO 15926 publication, also known as the ISO primer. His use of everyday language and storytelling made a highly technical and complex subject easy to understand. This has led to a more educated and informed industry on the benefits of the ISO 15926 standard and how to use it.

Devesh Sachar

Devesh Sachar is a control systems subject matter expert. He made significant contributions to the iRINGTools Interfacing Project (IIP). Sachar is known for his behind the scenes work in consolidating the mappings from several diverse member companies. Thanks in large part to him, IIP is delivering value to the industry.

Nils Sandsmark

Nils Sandsmark has been instrumental within Fiatech in its efforts to advance the development of the ISO 15926 standard. His vision to develop a reference data system paved a path for industry to follow to achieve full and open interoperability. Known as an effective diplomat, Sandsmark has worked tirelessly to educate the industry and bring more stakeholders in to participate. In his role as general manager of the POSC Caesar Association (PCA), he has worked closely with Fiatech since 2005 to develop a viable plan to achieve this vision. His dedication and perseverance has made this possible.

Glen Worrall

Glen Worrall contributes to several Fiatech projects while leading the Collaborating with a Neutral 3D Model project. His testing of open source iRINGTools software has been useful to the Fiatech iRINGTools IIP Project. He has promoted ISO 15926 in several proof of concept and pilot demonstrations. Worrall also has helped advance Fiatech's ISO 15926 interoperability initiatives as well as its collaboration with PCA.

Nicole Testa Boston

Nicole was given a special award of recognition for her 10 years of service to Fiatech. Nicole has provided key leadership to Fiatech to carry us from a great idea that needed to gather supporters to an established industry organization broadly recognized as the leader for advancing technology and innovation for capital projects. Fiatech greatly appreciates the leadership, vision and tireless commitment that Nicole provides to our organization.


CCC is not only a highly active Fiatech member, it also is a leader in the capital projects industry and in the international arena. This past year, CCC hosted the inaugural European Advisory Committee meeting in Athens, Greece, and sponsored Fiatech at the first BIM Conference in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Highly recognized for its vision and innovation, CCC is leading the industry in achieving full and open interoperability and advancing new and emerging technologies in its engineering and construction operations. The company's contributions to Fiatech, to the industry, and to the international community are recognized with the STAR Award.