Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2009 Recipients

Jehu Burton

Jehu Burton, of DuPont, took on a pioneering role by sponsoring and facilitating a meeting that brought together Fiatech and related organizations on the adoption of ISO 15926. The group solidified its position in this meeting to collectively pursue the goal. His vision and willingness to step up and do what was right, not only for his company, but for the industry makes him true deserving of this recognition by Fiatech.

Gert Jansen van Rensburg

Gert Jansen van Rensburg has made significant contributions to the iRINGTools open source software development effort. He also was pivotal in solving many of the difficult technical challenges in implementing ISO 15926. His expertise, skill, knowledge, and commitment have sustained the growth of iRING and will benefit many software vendors.

Rayan Jreije

Rayan Jreije has been recognized as an early leader in the acceleration of ISO 15926 adoption. This allowed him to lead his company in supporting the development of iRINGTools open source software and brought critical resources toward its success. He also led his company in successfully demonstrating a live iRING data exchange.

Jim Klein

Jim Klein has been an active contributor to Fiatech from its inception. Most recently, he managed the administrative functions for the Proteus Project that brought together Fiatech software suppliers to find ways to drive the ISO 15926 standard into implementation in their products Klein has ensured that the jobs got done, teams stay on target, and everyone works together.

Adrian Laud

Adrian Laud is the champion for Roadmap Element 9, Life Cycle Data Management and Information Integration. He has helped refine the approach in that element's activities, identified alternatives, managed those projects, developed business plans for implementation, and participated as a technical expert. Laud has helped drive Fiatech projects in ISO 15926 toward the success they are today.

Hahn Le

Hahn Le has contributed his expertise and perspective to the iRINGTools open source software development team. His knowledge of Java coding was critical in generalizing the implementation to allow for future ports to other ISO 15926 implementation technologies. His dedication was key in solving the many difficult transformation problems inherent with ISO 15926 and semantic web technologies.

Ron Lynn

Ron Lynn, of Clark County, helped Fiatech members understand the critical importance of professionalism in the building regulatory process. He was instrumental in bringing Fiatech and the International Code Council into alignment. The result was a document that is now the ICC Replicable Buildings Guideline. This document will enable countless jurisdictions and companies to eliminate unnecessary repetitive plan reviews.

Andy McBrien

Andy McBrien, of AspenTech, has been working to drive ISO 15926 into implementation in steadily increasing positions of responsibility in Fiatech. His emphasis has always been on technology supporting business in a pragmatic way. He consistently provided leadership in the Proteus project. He has championed ISO 15926 within AspenTech and has taken the same drive within FIATECH.

Mohamed Moubarak

Mohamed was the iRINGTools expert in implementing the ISO 15926 reference data interface implementation. This required the use of advanced semantic web technologies such as the SPARQL query language. His dedication to the team and goals of iRING was key in its successful implementation and in a live demonstration of ISO 15926.

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips, of Target Corporation, helped lead the development of the Guidelines for Replicable Buildings, but pioneered a project within Target to demonstrate single plan reviews for store remodeling projects. He is an open proponent of this approach and has met with building officials in California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Florida, Maryland.

Phil Robins

Phil Robins, project manager of the Proteus ISO 15926 implementation project, succeeded in shepherding seven diverse organizations to deliver a single coherent project. Not only did he hold the components of the Proteus team together and help it achieve critical mass, he ensured that AVEVA's P&ID solutions conformed to the Proteus specifications and the Fiatech definitions of ISO 15926 compliance.

Dan Slade

Dan Slade is the co-champion on the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, Intelligent and Automated Construction Job Site. His intense focus on bringing new technologies onsite has led to significant improvements. Slade submitted the RFID Cookbook project, which resulted in the creation of the FIATECH series of "Innovation Guides for the Capital Projects Industry."

Bruce Strupp

Bruce Strupp, of CH2M HILL, served as co-champion of Roadmap Element 9, Life Cycle Data Management and Information Integration. His technical expertise, experience, and leadership were of great benefit when the diverse parts of ISO 15926 needed to come together for the next stage of implementation of the standard. He was key to that success.

Koos Strydom

Koos Strydom provided leadership on the iRINGTools open source software development user interface design. His skill in implementing the latest Microsoft .NET web technology was critical to success. Strydom also was the lead in the QA role on the team and brought a methodical approach to testing to arrive at a quality set of ISO 15926 deliverables.

Duane Toavs

Duane Toavs, of Emerson, has championed the strategic importance of ISO 15926 as the right solution for interoperability. Toavs also is committed to the successful adoption, acceleration, and usage of ISO 15926 via iRING throughout the industry. He helped demonstrate successful live iRING data exchanges and continues to support development of ISO 15926 reference data extensions.