Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2007 Recipients 

Carol Amos

Carol Amos, of DuPont, leads Fiatech's project in Scenario-Based Project Planning. She helped develop a product and process survey of vendor products, analyzed software, interviewed finalists, reviewed and updated the tactical plan, and produced the final deliverable for Fiatech. Amos impresses all with her diligence and her reliability within Fiatech.

Julian Bourne

Julian Bourne, of NRX Global, has coordinated several critical decisions points between POSC Caesar's Intelligent Data Sheet (IDS) project and Fiatech's Accelerating the Deployment of ISO 15926 (ADI) Project. He had a key role in the deployment and configuration management of ADI products for the Reference Data System/Work-In-Progress (RDS/WIP). Julian also developed marketing materials outlining the ADI project that helped gain more support from other companies and individuals.

Manoj Dharwadkar

Manoj Dharwadkar, of Bentley Systems, was the founder of the ADI Project. He was the first software developer to create the new interface application with the Work-In-Progress (WIP) reference data system. Dharwadkar has been instrumental in securing many contracts for Fiatech in Asia.

Darya Nabavian

Darya Nabavian, of Bechtel, led the creation of the overview diagram for information exchanges, encouraged others to join in Fiatech activities, and volunteered on three separate teams. Nabavian also led a team on data definitions for Fiatech's Information Exchange between Design and Construction Project. She is a strong contributor and a valuable addition to the project and to Fiatech.

Onno Paap

Onno Paap, of Fluor, is the author of ISO 15926's Part 7 and is an expert in software development. He is the project manager of the ADI project and has written several RDS/WIP utilities, the initial WIP Browser, and the ISO 15926 Ontology Browser. Paap assisted in contract negotiations and was instrumental in securing additional funding for the ADI project.

Rahul Patil

Rahul Patil, of Bentley Systems, has made several key contributions on SOAP/Web Service calls with the .NET framework platform for the RDS/WIP project. He has written interfacing software for RDS/WIP and Bentley Class Editor and is an expert in ISO 15926. Patil's leadership within the RDS/WIP project has been critical to the success of that project.

Nicole Testa

Nicole Testa, Fiatech Deputy Director, manages all operational and financial aspects of Fiatech. In addition, she contributes to each of the technical programs, especially the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap project. No critical detail escapes her attention. Fiatech, thanks to Testa's efforts, is a leader developing and delivering fully integrated and automated technologies in the capital projects industry.

Dr. Jorge Vanegas

Dr. Jorge Vanegas, professor at Texas A&M University, was the first academic member of the Fiatech Board of Advisors. Vanegas has led multiple workshops for Fiatech related to the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, and is assisting in developing a presence in South America. He has helped shape what Fiatech is today.