Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2006 Recipients

Michael Alianza

Michael Alianza, from Intel, has helped in the development of the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, leading Element 7, New Materials, Methods, Products and Equipment. He also has participated in the development of other element areas and provided crucial technical input to the Smart Chips project. Additionally, Alianza helped launch Fiatech's CETI Award program and served as chairman of the 2006 CETI panel of judges.

Robin Benjamins

Robin Benjamins, of Bechtel, has been instrumental in leading Fiatech's Accelerating the Deployment of ISO 15926 Project, where he recognized the need, identified the opportunity, organized the community, and most especially, delivered the result on time and under budget. Additionally, he led the team on the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 9, Data Management and Information Integration. His drive and perseverance are unparalleled.

Rob Brawn

Rob Brawn, of CH2M HILL, has led the development of the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 2, Automated Design, for several years. Brawn recently launched and created a new Fiatech project on Automated Design Workflow Mapping and Checklists, which will be piloted as part of CH2MHILL's preparation and construction for the 2012 Olympics in London.

Dr. Allan Chasey

Dr. Allan Chasey, a professor at Arizona State University, leads Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 5, Intelligent Self-Maintaining and Repairing Operational Facility. Chasey is keenly aware of the need for streamlining and integrating the O&M phase of the life cycle, where the greatest opportunity for savings resides. He is currently leading a new Fiatech project: the intelligent building roadmap directory.

John Fish

John Fish, of Ford, Bacon and Davis, has been instrumental in championing the development of Fiatech's Global Valve Cross-Reference eCatalog project. He identified the urgent need, organized and galvanized suppliers and purchasers of valves to participate in the project, built a business case, and guided it through development.

Faith Junghans

Faith Junghans, of CH2M HILL, has served an integral role in leading the development of the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 8, Technology and Knowledge-Enabled Workforce. Junghans also has helped to develop closer relations between Fiatech and other national and international organizations. She is effective and articulate at promoting the work of Fiatech. 

Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer, of NIST's Building and Fire Research Laboratory, is a key contributor to the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap. For the past four years, he has served as the project manager for the AEX project, which was Fiatech's first effort to accelerate the standards development process. Palmer also has assisted in the development of the ADI project, and serves as an advisor to Fiatech on all aspects of standards.

Francis Rabuck

Francis Rabuck, of Bentley Systems, leads the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Element 4, Intelligent and Automated Construction Job Site. Additionally, he leads the resurgence of Fiatech's Smart Chips project. Rabuck is a key contributor to the structure, content, and speaker list for Fiatech's members-only Emerging Technology webinars and is assisting in the expansion of this series.

Sylvia Rappenecker

Sylvia Rappenecker, of Dow Chemical, has provided long-standing support for Fiatech since 2001. She was key in the development of the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap and has led the Element 1, Scenario-Based Project Planning. Rappenecker has participated as well in the development of several other element areas. She has represented Fiatech on numerous occasions and is an effective and powerful representative of Fiatech's work.