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U.S. Local Codes in the Cloud

Model building codes and standards, and the local amendments added to them when they are adopted, are disconnected and cause loss of time and money. In addition, they create liabilities for the construction industry.

Most U. S. states or jurisdictions adopt the copyrighted model codes and then publish their amendments as separate documents. Currently, construction industry members need to coordinate model codes and local amendments manually. Only a handful of states and large cities publish the adopted model codes and amendments as integrated documents.

The primary goal of this project is to create a cloud-based library where model codes, state and local amendments, addendum, errata, and executive orders are organized by jurisdiction and where content is interlinked so one can find the complete construction requirements with a simple click.

To accomplish this goal, MADCAD technology was established in 1995 by Fiatech member Computecture, Inc. This technology was the first HTML version of a model building codes and standards library. Currently, provides more than 50,000 model building codes and standards as well as statewide codes in a searchable and continuously updated cloud.

This project will expand the data in cloud to the local level by bringing 5,000 local jurisdictions into that database for Fiatech member use. This will be done in a 24-month period.


This project will enable Fiatech members executing construction projects in the U. S. significant savings in time with regard to researching the codes and standards with which they must comply. Complete data will save time, reduce errors, support safety, and provide a useful linkage and support database to other Fiatech projects, including the AutoCodes project. Fiatech members will be able to view the list of adopted codes and access amendments at no fee.


This project is in its organizational phase and is open to all Fiatech members to participate on the project work teams that will reach out to the construction industry and to local jurisdiction across the U. S. to solicit input to the database. The following four work groups have been identified:

  • Group One - General Awareness of Codes in Cloud within the Construction Industry
  • Group Two – Outreach to Jurisdictions to be Included in the Cloud Database
  • Group Three – Outreach to Owners and AEC Firms to Identify Needs and Priorities as to What is in Cloud Database
  • Group Four – Outreach to Standards Development Organizations to be Included in the Cloud

Project Lead

Bob Wible, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Lead

Pelin Atasoy, Madcad

Participating Companies

Target Corporation, Computecture, Kaiser Permanente, AVEVA, Avolve Software, CCC, and Coreworx


The deliverables will add amendments to building codes and related standards to the cloud database for 5,000 local U. S. jurisdictions.

Completion Date

February 2015