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International Code Council Joins FIATECH Streamlining Project

AUSTIN, TX, May 14, 2008 - The International Code Council (ICC), has become an active member of the FIATECH Streamlining Project, joining 38 other national organizations, associations and companies to work together to help state and local governments increase economic competitiveness, public safety and disaster resiliency through streamlining their regulatory processes and making greater use of information technology in their building code administration programs.

In presentations given at the FIATECH 2008 Technology Conference and Showcase held in New Orleans, March 31-April 2, 2008, by representatives from the ICC and the Streamlining Project outlined the benefits to both the public and private sector from making use of information technology (IT) to facilitate e-permitting, electronic plan review, and through acceptance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) the application of  SMARTcodes to conduct automatic code checking.

In subsequent joint meetings held at ICC headquarters in Washington, D.C. in mid-April, the FIATECH Streamlining Project and the ICC SMARTcodes initiative identified a series of joint activities to support the above objectives. These projects include ICC joining FIATECH in the acceptance of an invitation from the AGC BIMForum to bring personnel from state and local building regulatory agencies into the Forum to enable the construction community and building regulators to mutually understand ways that building data can be used to  facilitate design, construction, and occupancy of better, safer buildings in a more timely fashion. Among the processes that can benefit from BIM data and SMARTcodes are design review, product approvals, inspections and commissioning of buildings.

Other cooperative efforts between the FIATECH Streamlining Project and the ICC include:

  • FIATECH Streamlining Project Manager Robert Wible and an ICC representative participating in the June 25-28 AGC BIMForum session in California to initiate representation of building officials in that work group.
  • Sharing of streamlining best practices and lists of firms providing hardware and software to building codes administration and enforcement programs
  • Sharing of results of recent surveys of building department I.T. use
  • ICC participation in the October 28-29 FIATECH Membership meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Collaboration on projects to link auto code checking through SMARTcodes with e-permitting and e-government initiatives

The objective of the FIATECH Streamlining Project is to improve regulatory efficiency by developing and deploying tools and techniques for jurisdictions to use to accept digital documents for permitting and approval to enable our nation to build “faster, better, safer and at less cost.”

Among its current projects are:

  • Model Regulations for Single Statewide Plan Approvals for Replicable Buildings
  • National distribution to elected officials of white papers on IT (e-Plan, IVR, Green benefits, disaster resiliency) and a Streamlining Toolkit
  • Expanded Use and Documentation of Savings from On-Line Plan Review Systems – This includes working with the AGC BIMForum to bring to the table state and local building regulatory officials to gain government use and recognition of BIM in the building regulatory system for building plan review, product approvals and remote field inspections
  • Development and Distribution of a Streamlining Toolkit for Building Owners, Operators, AEC/EPC’s, Architects and Equipment Manufacturers

For copies of streamlining materials and more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 703-568-2323 or visit

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