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Global Valve Cross-Reference e-Catalog (GVCC)

NOTE: This Project is completed but associated activities are being pursued within EELCAT and the RFID Valve Tagging Case Study, both Active FIATECH Projects.


Owners, EPCs and international valve suppliers and manufacturers collaborate in a jointly funded project to create a global valve cross-reference electronic catalog (GVCC). The GVCC will leverage and build upon the Process Industries Practices (PIP) reference valve catalog and FIATECH’s automating equipment information exchange (AEX) XML protocols and will be delivered to sponsors via a dedicated web site. The GVCC web site (Phase 3) will enable participating companies to automatically cross-match their internal valve catalogs and technical specifications with their business collaboration partners via a common cross-match to an electronic version of the PIP valve catalog.

A video demonstration of the GVCC software is now available for viewing. If you have any questions regarding the GVCC software, current project activities, or sponsorship, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Project Manager.


Project Contacts

FIATECH Project Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at (512) 452-0835 PIP Project Manager: Ken Hamilton
Steering Committee Members:
John Fish, S&B Engineers & Constructors
Rajan Hingoraney, Aramco Services
John Little, Evonik Degussa
Terry Hill, Newdell Company
Frank Plunkett, Sunbelt Supply
Contractor: Alar Engineering Software Inc.


Commercial success of the project depends on achieving a critical mass of participating companies of all types, especially valve manufacturers and suppliers.


GVCC provides sponsors with an estimated 95% reduction in labor cost and schedule for the technical verification activity associated with valve quotes and purchases. Additional benefits accrue through reduction of errors and rework and by the potential to automatically exchange valve weight and geometry data to 3D CAD and asset management systems. Suppliers additionally benefit through increased exposure to potential customers. Owners and EPCs realize the additional benefit of increased awareness of potential suppliers.

Project Sponsors

Aramco, Arkema, AVEVA, BE &K, Bonney Forge, Burns & McDonnell, CH2MHILL, Chevron Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Evonik Degussa, Eastman Chemical Company, FMC Corporation, Holly Corporation, Honeywell, Huntsman, Intergraph, The Newdell Company, REC Silicon, Rohm & Haas, S&B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd., Sunbelt Supply, Sunoco, Tesoro

"I just wanted to express my thanks to each of you who helped to make this initiative a success. This is an impressive display of value from the perspective of the owner, the engineering & construction company, the valve distributor, and the manufacturer. The original idea was to save money and time for the requisitioners. I had no idea of just how much value there was for all the others in the supply chain. I fervently believe that this is a win for everyone. This may just be the starter set that will lead to even greater opportunities for savings." - John Fish, Director of Procurement and Quality Assurance, Ford, Bacon, and Davis, LLC

Collaborating Organization

Process Industry Practices (PIP)– Bernie Ebert, Director and Rick Hoenerhoff, Associate Director

Project Status

This project has completed a stand-alone version of the software for Project Sponsors to begin testing, but is seeking additional commitments from PIP and FIATECH member companies as well as valve distributor and manufacturer companies. Many project and industry workshops, panels, status reviews, and live demonstrations of working software have been conducted and hosted by FIATECH, PIP, and S&B Constructors and Engineers (one of the leading project sponsors). We always invite industry review and comments for improvement.

Please email the FIATECH Project Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to notify us of your company's interest to become a project sponsor. Your company must be a member of FIATECH, a member of PIP, or a valve distributor or manufacturer to become a GVCC project participant. FIATECH members that elect to participate in this project will have a portion of their annual membership dues allocated to sponsor this project in lieu of paying any additional monies. Companies that are not members of FIATECH, but are PIP members, valve distributors or manufacturers, can join the project by paying a project sponsorship fee.


  • Future: Phase 3 - web-based software to be developed for use by Project Sponsors and FIATECH members, including bulletin board for comments.
  • Ver. 3.04 made available to Project Sponsors.
  • Video demonstration posted to website.


  • Video demonstraion produced.
  • Stand-alone Ver. 3.02 launched to Project Sponsors for testing and input for further development of web-based software.
  • Demonstrations of completed software presented at Annual FIATECH and PIP conferences.


  • Delivered fully tested Ver 2.18 of the GVCC software to Steering Committee members (completed Phase 2).
  • Presented webinar demonstrating software to FIATECH members.
  • Completed the PIP valve catalog in cfiXML.
  • Held work sessions to develop user requirements.
  • Formed Steering Committee for testing and direction.

Project Deliverables

Ver. 3.04 (currently only available to Project Sponsors)


Instructions for download:

1. Download executable file and install on your computer.

2. Download PIP catalog file and place in GVCC directory created on your computer during setup.

3. When you open the ValveCatEditor.xls workbook for the first time, you will see a license dialog. Copy the site code into an e-mail and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Alar 

4. Alar will send you back a site key. {/reg}

Phase 2 deliverables include the Valve data Editor, PIP Valve Catalog in cfiXML, the Valve Matcher, and support services that delivers to sponsors the capability to rapidly and automatically cross-match their internal Valve Catalogs and technical specifications with their business collaboration partners via a common cross-match to an electronic version of the PIP Valve Catalog.

Phase 3 will consist of a web-based version of the software with a Reporting Facility, User Bulletin Board, Update Service, and a subscription service for non-sponsor companies.

Related Industry Research

ISO 15926 and the ADI Project

The GVCC project and its deliverables are complementary to the emerging process industry life cycle data integration standard, ISO 15926. The GVCC project is focused on enabling interoperability across the equipment supply chains and the software applications used for valve design, selection, procurement and installation. The GVCC project is working with FIATECH's AEX and ADI projects to ensure that the information requirements for valve handover, operations and maintenance are supported by the evolving library of templates and reference data for ISO 15926.



GVCC Flyer


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