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CETI Award Recipients


DPR Construction
Real-Time Supply Chain Management Using Virtual Design Construction and Lean

During construction of the University of California-Santa Cruz Porter B College project, DPR Construction used field mobility software tablet computers and BIM to manage all aspects of its door, frame and hardware (DFH) process. DPR replaced the traditional workflow with a process centered on BIM and material tracking that resulted in time savings, clear supply change management visibility, and zero reorders. According to interviews with general contractors, DFH accounts for approximately two percent of construction costs, but is often the cause of 30 percent of construction issues. As a result, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve overall supply chain management of a building project by focusing on DFH.


DoallTech and Sungkyunkwan University: RFID-Based Project Management System

The recipient has implemented RFID applications in the South Korean construction industry. Doalltech developed and successfully implemented an RFID-based project management system for daily labor control at approximately 400 construction projects in South Korea and other countries, and also for logistics of ready-mixed concrete and tracking the number of dump trucks for excavation. Another jointly developed RFID-based project management system supports supply chain management of long-lead items.