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CETI Award Recipients


DPR Construction
UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay Project Team

This project is proving that integrated project delivery processes, tools, and technologies can be successfully applied to a public sector project. The UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay will include a children's hospital, a cancer hospital, a women's specialty hospital, a rooftop helipad, an outpatient building, and a central plant. UCSF Medical Center, DPR Construction, Stantec, and the design team reduced construction costs by more than $100 million without reducing scope. Some of the innovative practices used include:

  • Co-location: More than 100 people from 19 companies were co-located to enhance collaboration and minimize delays in decision-making.
  • Cluster teams: Nine cluster teams, with representatives from designers, subcontractors, the owner, and the general contractor on each team, focus on driving costs down and streamlining information flow and decision making.
  • Pull and ICE sessions: Pull schedule meetings establish optimal sequences and durations. Integrated concurrent engineering (ICE) sessions solve multi-disciplinary issues quickly with all affected stakeholders approaching an issue and choosing the optimal solution.
  • Access to information: ProjectWise, a server-based document management system, is being used to allow for real-time access to the latest drawings and models.
  • Last planner: During construction, last planners for each of the different scopes discuss and agree to one- and three-week look ahead plans.
  • Target value design: An integrated effort set achievable cost targets per trade to reduce costs while maintaining cost, schedule, and quality.
  • Virtual design and construction: Highly detailed models to validate design, user requirements, and constructability resulted in a cost-savings of $15 million and higher schedule reliability and field productivity.
  • Coordination before permitting: This ensured constructability input from subcontractors was included in permit drawings.


Patient Care Pavilion IPD Team
Next Level Hospital Planning

This project used an integrated project delivery approach with scenario-based planning on the patient care pavilion at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Campus in Oakland, California. The team identified key elements to be included in a live model. By keeping the model live, changes were streamlined. The team also modeled the exterior wall system, a scope historically not modeled. More than 4,000 clashes were identified and resolved. A cost study of the top 17 clashes resulted in an estimated cost savings of more than $1.8 million in problems resolved prior to construction starting. Construction drawings were adjusted during permitting, saving an estimated $500,000 in change orders.


Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center and Gehry Technologies: BIM for Risk Management on Mega-Projects

The project demonstrates value planning coupled with an ongoing risk management program at the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC). It involves the use and implementation of VDC/BIM to facilitate risk modeling and management, and is an example of the extension of BIM into a truly integrated practice. While the core value of BIM is in coordination and visibility, the team and the GT process see a future for BIM implementation: project optimization for complex risk analysis and mitigation. The LMCCC project is a prime example of the value BIM can have for the managing of complex multi-party iterative processes, for reinforcing the value of collaboration, for risk management and mitigation, and for value planning.


Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley IPD Team: Projects as Laboratories, Early Results from $320M Hospital Replacement Project

The Sutter Medical Center Castro Valley is a new 130-bed hospital. An integrated project delivery team (owner, design teams, general contractor, and trade partners) is working on designing and planning the $320 million project within an extremely accelerated schedule and aggressive budget targets. The team is utilizing lean design and construction project management methodologies enabled by emerging 3D virtual design and assembly technologies. Notable among those is Value Stream Mapping, which enables the team to visually represent its workflow processes and continuously look for opportunities to streamline them to deliver value faster, better, and less expensively.


Intel: Re-Plan in a Day Platform

Intel Corporate Services Construction (CSC) is using a modular approach to improve project delivery capabilities. This construction-suite will give construction project resources the ability to "re-plan in a day," constantly revise the plan as changes occur, implement correct delivery strategies, control the execution, and correctly create, capture, or deliver project knowledge on demand. From the implementation of the first module in mid-2006 through 2007, more than $31 million in savings have been realized.

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers: Moving Forward with Building Information Modeling

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers has developed and currently maintains its BIM Roadmap to support military construction transformation and civil works projects. The roadmap focuses on model-based standards and interoperability and provides strategic direction to position the Corps for the future in life-cycle management of facility data.

Honorable Mention: Onuma BIMStorm, Rotterdam


Onuma and the United States Coast Guard: Sector Command Planning System

The ONUMA Planning Systemâ„¢ (OPS) is a web-enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) application used by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for many projects including the Sector Command center projects. This innovative tool was used to help define project parameters, originate project program requirements, and rapidly create design development options.