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Operations & Maintenance Summary


Intelligent Self Maintaining and Repairing Operational Facilities provides the mechanisms for utilization of data to manage the actions necessary to ensure conditions and performance necessary to enable safe, secure and continuously optimized maintenance and operations.


Facilities are designed, constructed, and operated to be an intelligent integrated system of systems. These intelligent systems utilize the data flow from self monitored equipment and systems to manage the actions necessary to ensure conditions and performance necessary to enable safe, secure, and continuously optimized facility operations. Facility systems are totally integrated to utilize data generated during operation to automatically and autonomously activate built-in mechanisms to perform required maintenance and/or repair functions. A comprehensive network of sensors and decision support systems provide continuous visibility of operational status and performance, providing trends for systems and flagging problems with recommendations for external intervention.

Benefits and Opportunities

Intelligent facilities will also provide the means for capturing the critical information needed to engineer future facilities for radically improved performance, cost-effectiveness, and life cycle sustainability. These technologies will also offer the potential to capture a wealth of operational performance data that can be fed back to planning and design functions to benefit future programs.


This element will deliver cost-effective solutions, adaptable to specific operations, to determine optimum facility operating conditions, maintain operations within the performance envelope, provide real-time condition assessment, predict problems before they arise, and enhance performance of the asset over its life cycle.

Self-maintaining, self-repairing facilities, systems, and equipment will enable safe, secure, continuously optimized operations with near-zero downtime and with no undue effects to health, safety, or the environment.

These systems will feed information into a asset life cycle information system making the data available in every phase of the life cycle, from project planning and design to construction and to eventual facility decommissioning. The integration of this data fabric will enable better decision making at all levels and through all stakeholders.