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iRING Version 1.0.0 Available Now

AUSTIN, TX, June 8, 2009--FIATECH and the POSC Caesar Association proudly announce the release of iRING (Version 1.0.0), which is a set of open source software solutions for ISO 15926 for the capital projects and facilities industry.iRING is a full technical implementation of the ISO 15926 standard and was developed through a successfully demonstrated implementation project called “Camelot.”

Tom Patterson, Bechtel’s Corporate Manager of Engineering describes what this means for his company, “ISO 15926 is a strategic part of our engineering vision. The success of the demonstration and the resultant deliveries from the Camelot project have set the stage for the implementation of this vision.”

The iRING software is under a “BSD Three Clause” license agreement, is in the public domain and is ready for download at The software release includes:

  • Software products
  • User documentation
  • Source code
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation

iRING software and documentation will continue to be enhanced via its usage and the open source software process.

“The iRING initiative, as demonstrated by the Camelot project, is the pinnacle of ISO 15926 achievement, capturing all of the imminent features needed for leading information interoperability,” cites Paul Gray, CEO at NRX Global. “NRX appreciates the opportunity to have been involved and plans to move forward with this technology. Now any other software vendor can too - because best of all, it’s free.”

The following companies participated in the project - Bechtel, Bentley Systems, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, Emerson Process Management, Fluor, Hatch, Intergraph, NRX Global, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and Zachry - and together donated approximately $880,000 of in-kind software development and information modeling hours since January 13 of this year.

“The Camelot project was enormously successful and its ramifications will be played out and felt across the whole industry over the next few years. Not only did this team develop a solution for interoperability for the oil and gas industry, but they developed a whole new approach to bringing together the myriad (and often conflicting) approaches to the interoperability problem that have been developed over the years. Mark my words, the work of this team, and the others in FIATECH addressing related interoperability issues, has set the stage for the industry to achieve true interoperability across the life cycle of a constructed facility, by providing tools to achieve interoperability of interoperability standards,” explains Richard H.F. Jackson, Director of FIATECH. “This shows what can happen in this industry when committed companies and individuals decide the time for talking is past and the time for doing has come. The companies that came in to participate did not come in just to talk about it. They came in, rolled up their sleeves, committed very scarce resources, and drove this project to success. This is what a real collaboration project is about. In fact, I would say that Camelot was a ‘model’ collaboration project. It had a clear mission, focused scope, fixed end date, and fit to today’s business needs."

“Having a main role in the development and maintenance of the ISO 15926 standard, the POSC Caesar Association (PCA) is very impressed with the quality of deliverables that the Camelot project has produced and we are grateful to the team for delivering them,” remarks Nils Sandsmark, General Manager of PCA and Thore Langeland, Chairman of PCA. “The Camelot Project is providing a set of open source software solutions that will make the PCA's 60,000+ reference data classes available to the entire global community. This will create a solid basis for true data interoperability between all of the stakeholders in the capital projects and facility operations and maintenance industries. This has been a long journey with many complex challenges to overcome and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

For more information on iRING, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information on the Camelot Project and future work, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Corporate Engineering Automation Manager for Bechtel and Camelot Project Manager or join our iRING webinar on Tuesday, June 9 from 11:00-12:00 EDT (register at

Additional Project Participant Testimonials


“Camelot has delivered the framework to address a well known and long standing process improvement opportunity in the process and power industries,” explains Frank Matthewson, Bechtel’s Corporate Work Process Engineering Manager and FIATECH board member. “We now have an implementable industry standards-based solution to address interoperability within and outside our company.”

Robin Benjamins, Bechtel's Corporate Engineering Automation Manager and Camelot Project Manager comments, "Camelot established a significant milestone in collaboration. The project had a fast track schedule with challenging deliverables and brought together a diverse set of companies from OOs, EPCs, OEMs, suppliers and software vendors that ultimately resulted in complete success."

Bentley Systems

The availability of iRING 1.0 proves that the industry is ready for full specification implementation of ISO 15926 and any barriers can be overcome by close collaboration of companies,” said Rob Whitesell, Senior Vice President, Building and Plant Products, Bentley Systems. Mr. Whitesell goes on, “The Camelot project enabled us to work closely with major companies and establish the key business drivers and requirements for effective, real-time interoperability between different systems using a sustainable shared reference data architecture. The project has validated the strength of our existing ISO 15926-based applications and accelerated Bentley’s development of software based on open standards that truly meets the needs of the industry."

Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

“The Camelot project was a milestone in delivering ISO 15926 interoperability between disparate systems. In less than six months, the internationally scattered members of the Camelot project were able to deliver a working model; proving that the ISO 15926 standard is feasible and doable. The delivered software, being an open source initiative, ensures fast adoption by new companies without having to reinvent the wheel,” says Zuhair Haddad, CCC’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs & CIO and FIATECH board member.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

"Camelot's successful creation of the iRING technology is an important milestone since it proves the whole of the ISO 15926 standard architecture and demonstrates the entirely neutral web-service linking to reference data. No one should need any further encouragement to invest in the reference data content and tools needed to realize their business interoperability needs," says Ian Glendinning, DNV Information Risk Management.

Emerson Process Management

“Emerson is honored to serve as the automation supplier on the Camelot project, joining the FIATECH consortium of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms and owners,” said Duane Toavs, Director of the Ease of Use Center of Excellence for Emerson Process Management. “We view the Camelot success as a breakthrough, enabling the first open, standard communications between multiple parties involved in capital projects.”

“The iRING open source software solutions delivered by FIATECH from Camelot create a bridge between proprietary software packages used in projects today,” continued Toavs. “With iRING software, EPC’s realize the ability to develop and then turn over a complete, standard, and sustainable data archive to owners when the plant starts up. Owners will be able to maintain and use the interoperable database for high benefit over the life of the facility.”


"Congratulations to the Camelot team for reaching this important milestone in the development of the ISO 15926 standard," states Fluor's John McQuary, Vice President of Knowledge Management/Technology Strategies and FIATECH board member. "Fluor looks forward to the further enrichment of the collaboration content in an effort to optimize information exchange throughout the supply chain."


"Camelot gives great hope that an interoperability standard can be implemented soon across the process and power industries to meet a growing requirement. The number of participants that contributed to this effort speaks to the need and the commitment of all parties involved," explains J.P. Blake, Director, Project Delivery Group at Hatch.  Hatch is convinced this undertaking is the way forward for an open interoperability standard that serves both internal and external needs for data transfer."


“Intergraph is a longtime leader of interoperability standards, has been very active in FIATECH since inception, and we were delighted to participate in the iRING Project,” said Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph executive vice president of Global Business Development and FIATECH board member. “The iRING Project demonstrates a collaborative spirit within the process industries to improve software interoperability, regardless of vendor. A freer exchange of information can result in improved project efficiencies and returns on investment for all involved. The iRING project marks an important milestone by demonstrating the technical feasibility of sharing information over the web using the ISO 15926 RDL in conjunction with semantic web technologies.”

Tata Consultancy Services

"With the advent of ISO 15926 as a key standard for life cycle information management, and its potential to address the interoperability challenges for construction and the oil and gas industry, it was only natural for TCS to align its efforts with ongoing implementation initiatives," says Hasit Kaji, Vice President and Head of Energy, Resource & Utilities Vertical, Tata Consultancy Services. "With our strong capabilities in Semantic Web Technologies, we are pursuing an ambitious roadmap to provide solutions and services around ISO 15926."

"When we learned about iRING, we knew that it would be a precursor to the beginning of the interoperability era. We are elated at the successful completion of iRING 1.0.0 and are proud to contribute to this initiative," says Sasthi Halder who heads the Resources (Construction, Metals & Mining) Sub-Vertical at TCS.


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