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of passionate stakeholders working
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and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

Project Deliverables Information Management

Advancing Interoperability for the Capital Projects Industry: A Vision Paper
Advancing Interoperability for the Capital Projects Industry: The Vision Paper Reference Document
Benchmarking Best Practices
Benefits and Barriers To Engineering Information Reuse
Benefits Calculation Workbook
NEW! Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance (EDRC) and Assessing Conformance (EDRC)
NEW! EDRC Companion Report: Specifying and Assessing Conformance of ISO 15926 Implementations
EDRC Use Case 1
EDRC Use Case 2
ISO 15926 Conformance Testing Recommended Approaches
NEW! Equipment Performance Management and the Use of ISO 15926 (HEED Ph.1)
Guidelines & Drivers For Achieving Plant Lifecycle Data Management
Harmonization of Pump Schemas with the ISO 15926 Reference Data Library

NEW - IIMM Maping P&IDs

Information Re-Use: Best Practices For A Competitive Advantage

ISO 15926 3D model
ISO 15926 P&ID model

JORD - Mapping Methodology - V1-1
JORD - Methodology Flowchart
JORD - Patterns Index
JORD Prototype Triple-Store & Endpoint
JORD - Final Report - Enhancing the PCA Reference Data Service (RDS) Operation
LCDM - Benefits and Metrics Life Cycle Data Managment Benefits Catalog
Operations and Maintenance Information Needs Survey Results
Reference Material: NIST Report on ISO 15926 Conformance Testing, A Study of Candidate Approaches
NEW! Structural Steel Interoperability for the Building and Process Plant Industries

The Proteus Project