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Trinity Technologies and FIATECH Map Benefits and Strategies for Information Reuse in Landmark Study

WELLESLEY, MA, March 20, 2003--Trinity Technologies and FIATECH announced today the release of the report “Benefits and Barriers to Engineering Information Reuse.” The study outlines the business opportunities, technologies, and work practices that can help companies use existing engineering information for new projects and ongoing operations. FIATECH is a technology incubator for the capital projects industry. The report also details the benchmarking of Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Engineered Technologies related to their information reuse practices.

The study presents examples from the benchmarked companies on strategies for reuse of engineering information to achieve a competitive advantage. Intel designs and builds a typical $2 billion wafer fabrication plant in 13 months. Through Lockheed Martin’s reuse strategies, it has been able to address federal government requirements while reducing the total cost of a plane or a ship and continually introducing new technologies. Through reusing plant configurations, Engineered Technologies has dramatically changed the cost and cycle time for its pharmaceutical and chemical processing installations.

The study revealed key business drivers for companies that successfully reuse information, including: cycle time, modularization, reusing design as a basis for business decisions, technology innovation, compliance with strict commissioning and testing requirements, and being competitive for government vendor selection.

“Benefits and Barriers to Engineering Information Reuse” serves as a guidebook for creating strategies, business cases, implementation approaches, technical structures, and organizational frameworks to jump-start initiatives to reuse engineering information. The report is available on the FIATECH Web site at For more information on the report, please contact Charles Wood at 713.523.5380 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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