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Join New Project – ISO 15926 Information Models and Proteus Mappings

Austin, TX, June 10, 2013 - Fiatech is launching a new project, "ISO 15926 Information Models and Proteus Mappings" (IIMM) and will conduct a project introduction webinar on June 25th. The objective of this project is to document the ISO 15926 information models for Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and 3D models in terms of ISO 15926 classes and templates. These information models were initially defined by the Proteus project along with an XML Schema (referred to as the Proteus or XMpLant 3.3.3 Schema).

This project will map the Proteus Schema Elements to the Templates enabling interoperability between Proteus Schema XML and Part 8 OWL XML deployments. This will enable the transparent access to intelligent design information during construction and for O&M systems using either transport mechanism. This will save the major costs and time delays currently incurred in the current manual, non-interoperable data and handover exchange processes.

IIMM will be broken up into two sub-projects which will run in parallel – one for P&ID information model and one for 3D Model information model. Each of the sub-projects will include the following deliverables:

  • Refinement of the ISO 15926 information model and document the required classes and templates to reflect any extensions identified since 2009 including those by the Mimosa OGI, DECHEMA DEXPI and IIP projects
  • New class and template definitions (geometric and non-geometric) a in Fiatech project sandbox endpoint as required for scope
  • Example Part 8 OWL files for fragments of scope
  • Revised Proteus Schema
  • Mappings between Proteus Schema and ISO 15926 Information Models (classes and templates)
  • Examples of Proteus XML files and corresponding equivalent ISO 15926 Part 8 OWL files created using the delivered mappings