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Project Deliverables

The Proteus Project

The Proteus project was originally called Matrix 1,2,3 and was initiated in response to the IDS-ADI Workshop in Houston April 2008. The goal was to determine the business requirements for and define the ISO 15926 model to support the exchange of intelligent P&ID and 3D models between different vendor systems. The scope encompassed exchange of data between P&IDs, P&IDs and 3D models and between 3D models. The participating vendors undertook to develop prototype interfaces for their systems to support these exchanges which would form the basis of product offerings.

At the Fiatech conference in Las Vegas April 2009, 7 vendors demonstrated exchange of intelligent models using Dictionary Compliant XML files that satisfied all 3 data exchanges. Several items were acknowledged as being necessary to provide commercial, robust software solutions to the Process and Power industries but were excluded for the pilot due to the time constraint to build software in time for the conference.

The Proteus project has been working to resolve these items and to enable software vendors to be able to support them in their commercial offerings. Some of these have been addressed and others are still in progress in collaboration with the relevant PCA/Fiatech Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the JORD project. 

Key aspects being formalized include:

  • User defined attributes
  • Symbol library handling
  • Specifications
  • Validation against the RDL
  • Dumb and intelligent Annotation
  • Model representation in part 8 as well as Dictionary Compliant XML
  • Preserving source data with round trip 

The deliverables developed by the project, defining the model for P&ID and 3D along with the XML Schema can be downloaded here: