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Impact Alert

Productivity Advancement Targets & Leadership Initiatives

Fiatech has now locked in on the methodology, along with the enabling technology, necessary for realizing up to 30% reduction in capital project cost and up to 10% reduction in cycle time. This step represents a logical progression of Fiatech’s Leadership Initiatives, where 12 Productivity Advancement Target opportunities were developed along with identification of over 400 organizational behaviors and practices conducive to enabling success.

Organizations are constantly struggling to establish systems-thinking approaches to how work is defined and performed, in hopes of becoming more efficient and effective.   The massive scale, complexity, short life cycle, and subtle stakeholder interdependencies has made sustainable solution finding a major barrier.   With that in mind, Fiatech members have been rethinking why compelling improvements with the potential for significant industry benefits, emerge with enthusiastic interest, only to rapidly fade away.   Generally, it is felt that most improvement initiatives focus on a specific aspect of an enterprise’s operation and involve a few functions and a handful of stakeholders.   As a consequence, these efforts consistently lack context, lack sufficient visibility and support, and do not have sufficient breadth of stakeholder engagement to ensure full acceptance and long-term viability.

Every PAT represents a purpose, an objective, and an improvement destination expressed in economic terms. PATs are led by multiple Owner/Operators and EPCs working in concert to provide the motivation, knowledge, expertise and consistency needed to ensure that strategies are complete, organized, and viable. To provide insight and enable organizations to conduct effective self-assessments, each PAT is expressed through a series of success enablers. These success enablers provide the spring-board for identifying and developing viable solutions.

To facilitate effective communication and convergence on success enabler solutions, Fiatech is developing an integrated and collaborative framework, which provides the visibility, coordination, and information consolidation needed to fully confront and overcome challenges to sustainable productivity advancement. Any Fiatech member is welcome to participate. The first proof of concept environment relates to achieving productivity advancement through integrated materials management. Click here to review.   To gain further understanding please watch this video. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Sr. program Dir., Fiatech.


Interactive Project Planning Guide (IPP)

Interactive Project Planning (IPP) was identified through Fiatech’s Voice of the Owners discussions as a means to ensure project scope, responsibilities, interdependencies, costs and schedule are more fully defined and realistic when launched.  As a result, Fiatech is in the process of generating a Guide to Interactive Project Planning, which will be discussed in a workshop at the upcoming Fiatech Leadership Forum.   More specifically IPP:

1.     At project launch, gathers all key project stakeholders in face-to-face discussions to establish relationships, breakdown siloes and instill a shared project-oriented perspective.
2.     Provides key stakeholders with an environment where they can openly challenge assumptions, expectations, estimates, requirements, and forecasts and in so doing, establish ownership and realistic performance commitments that are actionable and measurable.
3.     Facilitates identification of critical activities, or “pinch points”, that could jeopardize project execution performance, so that additional resources can be allocated to protect project schedule.
4.     Harmonizes schedule, execution plans, resources, and stakeholder commitments into a consolidated realistic project execution plan.

 For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Supplier Information Exchange with Design to Support Construction

This Supplier Information Exchange (SIE) project focused on capturing minimum third-party supplier data deliverables needed to effectively support construction including planning, work-packaging, storage, and maintenance processes.  The approach taken was to first gain better understanding of the nature of third-party suppliers with respect to what governs information generation and characteristics along with how data is typically transitioned into supporting construction. This was accomplished through a survey outreach to major third-party suppliers.  Armed with these insights and coupled with the subject matter expertise of the SIE team members, structure, workflow processes, and implementation checklists were developed to stabilize and streamline the flow of information between the third-party suppliers and construction.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Voice of the Owner (VoO) Initiative Launched

Owners are constantly identifying and evaluating opportunities based on risks and expected economic benefits, through a series of structured and gated processes. This activity encompasses a wide variety of methods and is described using many terms, such as: Front End Loading (FEL), Pre-project Planning (PPP), front end planning, early project planning, feasibility analysis and conceptual planning. These tools and processes generate strategic information, which Owners use to make decisions to commit resources to launch projects. The purpose of the Voice of the Owner initiative is to raise awareness of how projects are being identified and explore gaps between what is envisioned and what is being achieved.

Biweekly VoO discussions are held on topics of interest to the Owners. To orient and focus these discussions participation is limited to Owner representatives and Fiatech Roadmap Champions. Owner membership in Fiatech is not required. VoO discussions are recorded and placed in a SharePoint site, along with the slides and various related documents. VoO participant access to this SharePoint site is password protected and does require Fiatech membership. Fiatech Roadmap Champions monitor the VoO discussions and have access the SharePoint site, so as to gain Owner insights and perspectives. Armed with Owner viewpoints, Fiatech Roadmap Champions are better equipped to ensure their Fiatech initiatives and projects are well defined and priorities identified to shape and drive the future of the industry.
If you want to learn more about VoO, register for the Fiatech 2015 Technology Conference & Showcase and VoO pre-conference panel discussion session.

VoO discussion invitations include over 80 representatives from over 50 Owner organizations, if you work for an Owner, and are interested in participating, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you do not work for an Owner, and your organization is a Fiatech member you may want to explore becoming a Fiatech Roadmap Champion focused on shaping the future, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If your organization is currently not a Fiatech member, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The newly formed Fiatech CSRF Construction Communication Committee (to be known as the CSRF ConCom) will be focused on the continued advancement of interoperable design documents, life-cycle design/construction data management, and facility asset management methods and philosophies.

CSRF ConCom members have been working together as the leading developer and provider of automated specification documents and were among the first, including Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), to advance automated preparation of documents. CSRF was a key player in the formation of CSI-sponsored innovations such as MasterFormat® and UniFormat® and key in the development of SpecWave® technology, a major advancement for interoperability of design documentation systems.

Historically, members of the former CSRF focused on improving construction communication through the effective use of specification documents and brings extensive expertise in construction documentation and the means to help shape the construction documents of the future. The members are now members of Fiatech and have gained the means to develop and execute projects that facilitate enhanced communication between all construction project stakeholders.

For further information on ConCom please contact Fiatech Senior Program Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..