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Mobile IT Community of Interest
Current Status: The Fiatech-COMIT Mobile IT Community of Interest (COI) monthly webinar brought together over 25 owner/operators and more than 100 contractors, technology solutions providers, academics and consultants to discuss the issues and challenges surrounding Building Information Model (BIM) implementation in the field.
Relevance to the Industry: An engaging case study of BIM tools for field management and coordination was followed by over 30 minutes of Q&A about variables that affect adoption.
What’s on the Horizon: To continue discussions on this and many other topics in the Mobile IT COI, register for upcoming meetings and review past webinars here. For further information on the Mobile IT COI, contact Stuart Young, or Fernando Mondragon.

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Information Mapping (AIM)
Current Status: The Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Information Mapping (AIM) project completed development of building blocks necessary for generating an AIM Adoption Guide. The purpose of the guide is to elevate project performance associated with advanced workface planning and installation work packaging (IWP) through systematic building of information linkages/dependencies necessary to support CII and COAA Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) initiatives.
Relevance to the Industry: The AIM adoption guideline building blocks include:
1) an overview of AWP; 2) contract language recommendations to break down stakeholder information resource boundaries; 3) software platform categories, characteristics, functions and commercial examples; 4) representative workflows and sequences; 5) examples of responsibility matrix mapping and swim lanes; 6) examples of deliverables and schedules; and 7) a Representative Data Exchange Library.
What’s on the Horizon: The AIM Adoption Guide will lay out the methodology, as well as use examples for identification of information needed to support generation of any typical work package at a construction site. In addition, the Guide will provide representative forms that can be used to help ensure the mapping process is being used and is complete. The AIM Adoption Guide will be revealed in Q4, 2014, and incorporated into Fiatech’s Integrated Materials Management (IMM) activities to ensure the flow of materials, along with all supporting information, is in harmony with the rest of the construction enterprise. For more information contact Reg Hunter.