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8 Years and 200+ Deployments: What Works and What Doesn’t
02/28/2017 - 02/28/2017 10:00am CST - 11:00am CST


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Robert Ball, COO of Atlas RFID Solutions, will review lessons learned on implementing RFID-based technology on construction projects across 5 continents.

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Robert has over 12 years of combined experience in construction project management and construction software solutions, and has played an influential role in nearly every Jovix deployment, from Australia to the Canadian Oil Sands, to South Korea and the Middle East. He will share his experience on common obstacles, best practices, and lessons learned in the deployment of over 200 auto-ID based implementations within the industrial construction market. Common obstacles have included data integrity challenges, complex Owner-EPC contractual arrangements, global supply chains, and extreme environments.

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With his depth and breadth of experience, Robert will share:
• How to apply best practices for improving supply chain visibility
• How to set conditions for success through valuable lessons learned
• Progress that can be achieved if we capitalize on the technology that is available now
• Where he thinks technology in construction & supply chain is headed
• What is coming?

This presentation will include project case studies, discussions on collaborative software integrations, and best practices for Owners, EPCs, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers, and a live Q&A.

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Presented by: Robert Ball, COO at Atlas RFID. Robert holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Robert is responsible for business development and operational excellence to deliver industry leading implementations for Atlas’ Jovix® Material Readiness software for its clients worldwide.  Prior to joining Atlas RFID Solutions, Robert served as a Project Manager with a leading EPC firm for 5 years, responsible for delivering engineering, procurement, and construction scope to clients within the power industry, managing projects in excess of $1.5 billion. He also served 6 years as an Armor Officer in the United States Army, achieving the rank of Captain, and has served in multiple combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.