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Global Valve Cross-Reference e-Catalog (GVCC)

NOTE: This Project is completed but associated activities are being pursued within EELCAT and the RFID Valve Tagging Case Study, both Active FIATECH Projects.


Owners, EPCs and international valve suppliers and manufacturers collaborate in a jointly funded project to create a global valve cross-reference electronic catalog (GVCC). The GVCC will leverage and build upon the Process Industries Practices (PIP) reference valve catalog and FIATECH’s automating equipment information exchange (AEX) XML protocols and will be delivered to sponsors via a dedicated web site. The GVCC web site (Phase 3) will enable participating companies to automatically cross-match their internal valve catalogs and technical specifications with their business collaboration partners via a common cross-match to an electronic version of the PIP valve catalog.

A video demonstration of the GVCC software is now available for viewing. If you have any questions regarding the GVCC software, current project activities, or sponsorship, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Project Manager.