Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.

2010 Recipients

Rob Brawn

Rob Brawn, of CH2MHILL, has been instrumental in driving the Automated Design Roadmap element team to produce high value deliverables on a consistent basis, making maximum use of limited financial resources and leveraging maximum effort from roadmap team and project volunteers alike.

Allen Egnor

Allen Egnor, of Intergraph, helped bring together two concepts for iRING. He also has supported the Proteus (XMpLant) demo, providing both a level of balance and objectivity. He was key to the integration with Intergraph/SmartPlant.

Zuhair Haddad

Zuhair Haddad, of Consolidated Contractors Company, has made possible many advanced automated delivery practices to Fiatech from the progressive delivery platform that he leads in CCC. He continues to be an leader and contributor to Fiatech. He currently is involved in the ISO 15926 Project Information Flow and in iRing activities.

Tom Hannigan

Tom Hannigan, president of Zachry Nuclear, has been a champion of technology, innovation, and industry collaboration. As an early proponent of the principles and goals of Fiatech, Hannigan has overseen the group's transition from the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap to driving value for industry. His leadership and his role as a trusted advisor have made Fiatech one of the best organizations of its kind in the capital facilities industry.

Ron Loback

Ron Loback, CEO at Avolve Software, began serving as a co-chair of Roadmap Element 6, Project Management and Controls, with specific responsibility for the Fiatech Streamlining projects. He helped launch the Fiatech project with the International Code Council on a guideline for replicable buildings. He also chaired a core work group on a project to demonstrate the feasibility of producing an automated code checking tool.

Gabriel Lopes

Gabriel Lopes, of Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, has been instrumental in advancing ISO 15926, Part 3 (Geometry Special Interest Group). He has also helped Petrobras and other companies in South America in adopting ISO 15926. Lopes has worked closely with key Fiatech and POSC Caesar Association speakers in organzing an ISO 15926 forum in Brazil.

Neill Pawsey

Neill Pawsey, of the Fiatech staff, has succeeded in increasing the spread of mobile IT within the construction industry. He has aided in developing close ties between the U.S. and the UK by promoting collaboration between Fiatech and COMIT. Pawsey's effort are a key reason for the success of the Fiatech-COMIT collaboration.

Richard Sappe

Richard Sappe, of Oracle, has been a highly valued member of the Roadmap Team and champion for the Scenario-Based Project Planning element for several years. His perseverance, drive, and his emphasis on owner needs provide the team with focus and vision. He has contributed significantly to the development and success of Fiatech.

Todd Sutton

Todd Sutton, of Zachry Construction, is a highly respected authority on new and emerging technologies. He has been instrumental in the development of the "RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement" publication. He contributed several chapters and served as technical editor for much of the content.

Keith Willshaw

Keith Willshaw, of Bentley Systems, has been involved in several ISO 15926 implementation efforts, within Fiatech and within his company. He has also contributed towards testing ISO 15926 data exchanges, working closely with Fiatech members. In addition, he has made significant contribution to the ISO 15926 modeling activities.


Bechtel exemplifies the type of company engagement and employee involvement that makes Fiatech successful. Joining Fiatech in 2001, Bechtel and its employees have actively participated in the Board of Advisors, project development, and the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap. The company also helped establish new and collaborative user groups such as iRING and the iRING Tools Interfacing project.