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Press Releases

NIST Releases Report on the Costs of Inadequate Interoperability in Construction

AUSTIN, TX, August 6, 2004—Inadequate interoperability increases the cost burden of construction industry stakeholders and results in missed opportunities that could create significant benefits for the construction industry and the public at large. The lack of quantitative measures of the annual cost burden imposed by inadequate interoperability, however, has hampered efforts to promote the use of integration and automation technologies in the construction industry.

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FIATECH AEX Project Publishes Version 1.0 of XML Schemas for Capital Facilities Equipment

AUSTIN, TX, July 26, 2004 — The FIATECH AEX (Automating Equipment Information Exchange) Project released Version 1.0 of its XML schemas for capital facilities equipment and associated documentation today. The XML schemas and documentation are available for anyone to use at no charge from the FIATECH web site.

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Trinity Technologies and FIATECH Map Benefits and Strategies for Information Reuse in Landmark Study

WELLESLEY, MA, March 20, 2003--Trinity Technologies and FIATECH announced today the release of the report “Benefits and Barriers to Engineering Information Reuse.” The study outlines the business opportunities, technologies, and work practices that can help companies use existing engineering information for new projects and ongoing operations. FIATECH is a technology incubator for the capital projects industry. The report also details the benchmarking of Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Engineered Technologies related to their information reuse practices.

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