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Fiatech Publishes an Introductory Guide on ISO 15926

AUSTIN, TX, November 8, 2011 - Fiatech has published "An Introduction to ISO 15926," in cooperation with the POSC Caesar Association, which provides a broad overview of the ISO 15926 standard to help new users of the standard understand the history and general methodology. While not a technical how-to manual, the publication provides the framework for how the standard achieves interoperability, recent usage in production environments, and recommendations on how to get started adopting the standard.

"Part of my job is to keep up to date with trends in plant design. Having personally experienced the difficulty of transferring information between different proprietary formats, I was extremely interested to find that I was not alone and that something was being done about it," states Gordon Rachar with WorleyParsons, who is a Fiatech consultant and member as well as the primary author of the publication. "I knew ISO 15926 was something my company should know about, but the information that was available went from brief summaries of eventual benefits to complex technology descriptions with big words and complex acronyms. There was nothing in between that explained how ISO 15926 would deliver its seemingly magical promise, in language that upper management, who would have to sign off on funding proposals, could absorb quickly. Our hope is that this publication fills that gap."

Ray Topping, Director, Fiatech further adds, "This publication is truly a compilation from numerous experts who have been working on advancing the ISO 15926 standard for the past four years. Fiatech is fortunate to be working with so many dedicated individuals and leading companies who want to see rapid change in advancing interoperability in the capital projects industry and we feel this publication will help lay the groundwork for newcomers to get involved."

Complimentary copies of the publication can be downloaded at For more information on this activity, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Fiatech Project Manager.