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Wible Named ENR's Top 25 News Makers

AUSTIN, TX, February 21, 2011 – Engineering News Record has named FIATECH Streamlining Project Manager, Robert Wible, as one of their top 25 News Makers of 2010. ENR cites Wible’s dedication to helping state and local governments identify and reduce administrative and regulatory barriers and create more effective and efficient operations, which results in improved public safety while also enabling the construction industry to build faster, better, safer and at less cost.

Wible and other ENR Top 25 News Makers of 2010 will be honored at a Top News Makers Luncheon and Award of Excellence Banquet at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, April 7, 2011.

Specifically, the ENR award citation highlights FIATECH’s development, together with the International Code Council (ICC), of the “ICC Guideline for Replicable Buildings” which enables national firms with set plans for their stores, hotels and housing to gain a single plan review for each model. FIATECH member Target Corporation has demonstrated the benefits of the “Guideline” in recent renovations to their stores in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York reducing plan review times from as much as 24 weeks down to 8 ½ , saving the company up to $100,000 per store.

Current FIATECH streamlining projects being led by Wible include the expansion in the number of jurisdictions adopting and implementing the “Guideline”, working with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and others to get more state governments to recognize digital seals for building plans, and a just announced Proof of Concept project with the ICC to demonstrate the ability to produce an automated code checking tool based upon the ICC’s accessibility access provisions and ADA requirements.
“We are pleased that the Bob’s hard work and perseverance to improve our nation’s building regulatory and permitting processes is finally being recognized at a national level,” says Raymond Topping, director of FIATECH. “Bob has been committed to this important activity for most of his career carrying on despite shifting priorities and agendas and it is because of his unwavering commitment to succeed that companies like Target are getting real savings on every build. This recognition is well deserved and I expect many other companies will soon begin seeing the opportunities and savings as a result of his work. ”

Among other streamlining tools developed by Wible over the years are a “Streamlining Tool Kit for Elected Officials” (containing single sheet summaries on benefits of different technologies to more effective and efficient codes administration and enforcement), and numerous guides and white papers on innovative technologies.

Progress on the FIATECH projects will be shared with attendees at the 2011 FIATECH Technology Conference and Showcase, which is being held in Chandler, AZ, April 18– 20. Program details and registration information on the conference is at

Throughout his 33 years in the building regulatory field, Wible’s regulatory streamlining efforts have helped some communities reduce, by as much as 70%, the amount of time it takes to move a building through their regulatory system and has helped communities strengthen their programs to better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. This has been done through the consulting arm of Robert Wible & Associates and through the undertaking of several streamlining projects as the FIATECH Streamlining Project Manager.

Wible joined FIATECH on a part-time basis in the summer of 2007. The rest of his time is spent providing streamlining consulting services to federal agencies and to state and local governments as well as private sector firms interested in improving government effectiveness and efficiency.

Wible is the author of two ground-breaking publications, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s “Guide to More Effective and Efficient Building Regulatory Processes through Information Technology” (2006) and the 2007 McGraw-Hill publication, “Architectural Security Codes and Guidelines – Best Practices for Today’s Construction Challenges.” In 2004, he co-authored with other members of The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) the “Guide for Regional Disaster Resilience.”

More information on the FIATECH streamlining projects and streamlining materials can be obtained at the FIATECH web site at Wible can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..