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Fiatech’s Leadership Initiatives for Productivity Advancement

Setting and meeting expectations continually challenges all facets of the capital projects industry. But, in spite of our industry being surrounded by a broad spectrum of extremely powerful and compelling technologies, performance improvement remains stagnate.

So why has our productivity not changed?

Why aren’t we harvesting dramatic benefits?

At Fiatech, an industry consortium of capital facilities stakeholders, we have been asking ourselves this question in recent months and we have concluded the problem is that our increased specialization in design, construction and operations and maintenance has reinforced silos to the point that silos have grown to become more like self-contained worlds.

New systems and technologies often are used to enhance performance in each of the worlds, but unfortunately, not the overall project. 

Working encapsulated within a world among worlds erodes vision, purpose and project-oriented passion. It insulates stakeholders from each other and presents a major barrier to realizing productivity improvement.

We also conclude that owners are the only ones who can break down those boundaries and realign efforts to deliver projects more effectively, but owners absolutely cannot do it in isolation. The challenges are far too complex. We all need to converge our perspectives and expertise and focus on driving sustained productivity advancement in our industry. 

In response to the challenge, Fiatech, in concert with University of Kansas and Arizona State University, has developed assessment tools to gauge an organization’s readiness for lasting innovation, and we have also established productivity advancement targets, or PATs, to unify efforts and measure the results. [click for more...]