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Equipment Performance Management and the Use of ISO 15926

Fiatech’s Equipment Performance Management and the Use of ISO 15926 project report has been published.

The project report was completed by the Fiatech Harmonizing Industry Standards to Exchange Equipment Data (HEED) project team. The project evaluated the use of electronic data exchange to integrate and support the processes and software applications used for performance management and margin management in mechanical systems. The Project included the following activities:

1.        Identified, characterized, and analyzed the types of margins (e.g., including both functional and physical specifications) introduced during the life cycle (design, purchasing, commissioning, and operation) of mechanical equipment;

2.        Evaluated the requirements that the use of these margins place on the software applications used;

3.        Identified specific data relevant to margin management with reference to a representative Closed loop, Heat transfer, Liquid circulating (CHL) mechanical system. This task considered the equipment data exchange specifications: Automating Equipment Information Exchange (AEX) incorporated within the Hydraulic Institute (HI) standard HI 50.7, Electronic Data Exchange for Pumping Equipment, and ISO 15926, Industrial automation systems and integration – Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities; and

4.        Recommended strategies for mapping equipment performance and margin management data to ISO 15926 data structures and provide examples.

In completing these activities, the project team also assessed the sufficiency and ease of use of the current ISO 15926 processes, methods, mappings, and documentation to complete domain information analyses and data mappings, including ISO 15926 template creation and/or selection. Follow-on work addressing some of the identified problems and limitations are included in the current work plan for the Fiatech “Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance” (EDRC) project, which has also been completed.

This project was an introductory investigation considering the complexity, ambiguity, traceability risks, and performance improvement opportunities of equipment margin management practices in the process and power industries. Even within a single mechanical equipment domain such as pumping systems, there was no initial consensus among stakeholders on a common margin management vocabulary.

The project referenced a Closed loop, Heat transfer, Liquid circulating (CHL) system to provide a realistic context for use cases and sample values in this study. The example CHL system was developed by the Collaborative Requirements Engineering (CRE) project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2013 in collaboration with representatives of the power and process industries as representative of types of system common and critical to many types of facilities and plants. 

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