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Moving the Fiatech Leadership Forum’s Performance Advancement Targets Forward

The Fiatech Fall Leadership Forum underscored the real potential for the industry to avoid over $250 million in costs for every billion dollars of capital project spend. 

To achieve all or a large portion of this savings requires an engagement and commitment across all aspects of the industry.  Each of the 12 Leadership Forum workshops presented targets, which are described in the performance advancement targets table. Upon review, and without exception, every goal was deemed to be challenging but achievable.

Each of the workshops conducted breakout discussions focused on “what it would take” to realize these benefits.  Subject matter experts in each of the 12 workshops identified obstacles and barriers for achieving each performance target and generated a combination of opportunities, strategies, tactics, and actions related to realizing the targets. 

Since the Leadership Forum, Fiatech staff have been working with members to consolidate the feedback, and review the proposed strategies and tactics for each of the Leadership Forum performance advancement targets. The workshop summaries have been prepared and are available HERE.

Because of the tremendous implications of these targets, Fiatech O/O members will be exploring them further through Fiatech’s Voice of the Owner community.

To ensure the innovations needed to realize these benefits are fully embraced throughout the industry, the Change Readiness concepts and methods introduced at the Leadership Forum will remain at the forefront of Fiatech initiatives.

If you are interested advancing these efforts with Fiatech and/or achieving these productivity advancement targets at your organization, please contact the Fiatech staff member listed on each initiative summary or contact Barbara Garett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..