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AutoCodes Phase II Report Published

The Fiatech Autocodes Project Phase II is now complete. This project was initiated in 2011 to demonstrate the need for, and initiate the transformation of the building code review process by leveraging digital data and technology to move from a manual paper-dependent process to a digital review method.

Click here to view the Phase II report.

In Phase I, the Fiatech AutoCodes Project Team verified and documented the inconsistency in code reviews by different jurisdictions using the same base model code. The team also successfully demonstrated the feasibility of conducting project reviews for access and egress in a building, based on a Building Information Model.

In Phase II the AutoCodes Project Team built on the lessons from Phase 1 to: set the framework for future Standards Development Organization (SDO) validation of the digital review process, produce model protocol guidelines (Minimum Modeling Matrix or M3) to serve as a ‘recipe’ for development of reviewable BIM files, set workflow guidelines for the digital review process and expand digital transition education and training for state and local governments.

Phase III of this project will expand upon the work of Phase II by continuing to: develop the Minimum Modeling Matrix in the areas of accessibility and egress, expand review capabilities to other codes and industries, update and improve delivery of the Digital Transition education and training course and in the fourth quarter of 2015 facilitate a meeting with key industry stakeholders to discuss and determine the steps that need to be taken by the public and private sectors to make AutoCodes adoptable across the nation.

For more information, on the Autocodes Project, click here or contact Fiatech Senior Project Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..