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Fiatech Facilitator Presentations 2015

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        7   National Institute of Building Science, Building Innovation 2015, Ray Topping “Start With the End in Mind: Facility Operations Optimization"

       14   Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington, DC, Ray Topping “Capturing ROI from Information Models with Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)” and “Advancing Construction Productivity with Mobile IT (Information Technology)”


9 - 12   ARC Industry Forum, Orlando, FL, Ray Topping
"Start with the End in Mind, Building in Owner's Asset Management Requirements"


13 - 15   Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, Boca Raton, FL

29    Bentley Construction Executives Meeting, Exton, PA, Ray Topping 


6 - 8    National Academy of Construction/National Construction Forum, Ray Topping 

11 - 13    Data Definition Workshop, Houston, TX, Ray Topping

13 - 15  AIA, Atlanta, GA, Robert Wible "Permit Streamlining: How to bring Best Practices to Community" and "Fiatech Autocodes - A Revolution in Building Code & Design Reviews"

28    USPI Annual MB Meeting, Netherlands, Ray Topping 


8 - 9   MCAA Construction Technology Conference, Chicago, IL, Reg Hunter,  "Dude, Where's my Pipe Wrench?, RFID Driving the Future" 

22   ASCE Computing & Information Technology Conference, Austin, TX – presented for Fiatech by Jerry Gipson
Advancing Technology & Innovative Practices in the Capital Projects Industry



21  Fiatech Leadership Forum, Glendale, AZ

27 - 30 ICC Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA,  Robert Wible 


5 - 7 15th Intl Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality (CONVR 2015), Alberta, Canada, Ray Topping, "Realizing Value from Technology and Innovative Practices in the Capital Projects Industry" 

11 - 14  2015 InEight Experience “Connect and Build Project Confidence", Scottsdale, AZ, Garry Zettersten  
"Change Readiness: The Foundation for Improving Performance"
"Fiatech BIM Supported Life Cycle Building Management Project" 

29  Bring Us Your Problems, Artificial Intelligence in Construction, Overland Park, KS, Ray Topping and Robert Wible
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4  Oil & Gas Forum, Bentley YII 2015, London, Ray Topping
"Realizing Value from Technology, Voice of the Owner" 

6  Construction Industry Institute (CII) Best Practices Program, Garry Zettersten and Reg Hunter 
"Advancing Technology and Innovative Practices in the Capital Projects Industry" 
"Systems Approach to Realizing Productivity Improvement"

10 - 11 Fiatech Efficiency Through Digital Projects (ETDP) Conference, London, England (with COMIT)

16 - 17    Refining Capital Projects Conference& Expo, Houston, TX, Ray Topping
"Advancing Technology and Innovative Practices in the Capital Projects Industry"