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2015 Q3 Fiatech Board led Projects Committee, Project Status Reviews

Fiatech Board led Projects Committee, Project Status Reviews

The Projects Committee currently consists of eight Board members and four Fiatech Members pluas the Fiatech Director. Our monthly review sessions also include the respective Roadmap Element Champions and Board Liaisons. If you are interested in participating in the Fiatech Projects Committee, please contact Frank Mathewson, Bechtel, Project Committee Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Ray Topping, Fiatech Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All of our projects provide monthly status reports to the Committee on key project delivery metrics including a traffic light reporting on status. The Projects Committee holds virtual monthly meetings that provide more in depth review of 4 to 5 projects using our standard progress reporting format. While our reviews are measuring progress towards deliverables and project completing, they also keep focused attention to delivering results produce member value through validated and usable industry supported practices. The Committee is committed to Fiatech’s Mission to drive productivity and efficiency improvements by advancing technology and innovative practices for capital facilities.

Project reviews for the last quarter plus October were held on the following groups of projects:

  • July – Information Management, 5 active projects and one Initiative
  • August – Operations & Maintenance, 2 active projects and Project Management, 5 active projects
  • September – no project reviews as all current projects were presented to members as part of the workshops at the Leadership Forum
  • October – Procurement/ Integrated Materials Management – 4 projects and one Initiative plus follow up from the Leadership Forum

The project presentations for July and August are posted on our Member website in the Projects section under the respective project group at

 In October, we started recording the project reports and posting that recording on our public web site. Our October Projects Committee reviewed the projects in our Integrated Materials Management (IMM) Initiative. Reg Hunter provided a summary for the great progress being achieved for IMM. Our Performance Improvement Target for IMM is to “Improve Construction Productivity and Reduce Schedule Delays by 20%.” The IMM Progress presentation and report was recorded and is available at .

Our current list of active projects is available on our public web site at . All of our active projects have project resumes (with links from the active projects list) highlighting our projects objectives, delivery plan, projects teams and planned business value. Also, we have prepared one page projects results summary for project completion that highlights the business value opportunity and the readiness for implementation.

The Project Committee has developed a set of core practices that are flexible and efficient to guide the initiation and delivery of our projects, built on the successful approaches of our members that are the leading practices of our global project delivery firms. Those core practices include project formation, development of project plans, project resumes, project delivery practices, project monitoring & reporting and project closeout. All of our project delivery practices are posted on our Fiatech Member web site at .