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Artificial Intelligence Event Leading to Potential Productivity Project for Construction and Capital Facilities Industries

Fifty representatives from the construction and capital facilities industries participated in a one day exploration of areas where Artificial Intelligence might be used to address challenges as they work to improve productivity and reduce costs in the design, building, operation and maintenance of capital facilities around the globe.  

The event entitled Bring us your Problems - Look into the Building Life Cycle and Cognitive Computing" was sponsored by Fiatech and hosted by Black and Veatch at their headquarters facility in Overland Park, Kansas. The concept for the program originated with the Fiatech Horizon- 360 Team.

Conducted in a workshop format, the program included presentations by IBM Watson representative Scott Parker and was led by Black and Veatch’s recently retired John Voeller, Fiatech Director Ray Topping and Senior Project Manager Robert Wible.   The program included a Lightning Round where attendees offered their thoughts about industry problems where A.I might be applied and two discussion breakout sessions where those ideas were discussed further. The two sessions, one for Owners and EPC’s and the other for Academics and Service Providers reviewed forty five different problem areas generated in the Lighting Round and proposed a number of different problem areas that warranted further consideration as lead areas for a Fiatech Exploratory Project on Artificial Intelligence.

Among those areas are:

1         Capturing of knowledge from existing documents and past projects, a query system for existing and past documents.

2         Project safety, safety planning, and combining them with work packages.

3         Automated code checking to do 3D, write the code, diagnostics, and standards.

4         Team analysis – characteristics of successful teams versus unsuccessful teams.

5         Explore a possible coordinated A.I project with the EPA.

6         Framework around what steps are a “change” that all parties need to be made aware of through Situational Awareness to enable early action to avoid having a change order.

Fiatech is in the process of working with participants from the October 29th session to prioritize this list to develop a proposal for a Fiatech Exploratory Project on Artificial Intelligence.

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