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Game Changers from Fiatech's 2015 Leadership Forum

The Fiatech Leadership Forum on September 21-23, 2015 introduced two industry game changers for the capital projects and facilities industry.

1. Change Readiness methods were introduced and will mature in the next few months to provide a means to more systematically recognize barriers and opportunities. Click here for more change readiness resources.

2. The potential for the industry to reduce up to $300 million in costs out of every billion dollars spent.  

To achieve these saving requires all aspects of the industry; the Leadership Forum workshops addressed the specific goals and  focused on the question of: “what would it take” to realize these benefits. 

The insights generated, will undergoing peer review to prioritize the cost avoidance goals, which we will share shortly, through webinars, articles, social media channels, and at the Fiatech 2016 Technology Conference.

Details of the action plans and insights will be included in the next Project eNewsletter and on Twitter so please follow along by clicking here.

Stretch Goals (aka Productivity Improvement Targets) can be found here and the 2015 Leadership Forum presentations are being uploaded here.

Click here to view the Storify collection of event takeaways.