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Accelerating Industry Adoption of Reference Data Libraries (RDL)

Fiatech is continuing work on accelerating the adoption of RDL in collaboration with MIMOSA and PCA.

Regular virtual meetings have been held since the September 10, 2014 Joint Fiatech, MIMOSA, and PCA RDL Workshop held in Houston, hosted by BP. There was also a working session on, Accelerating Industry Adoption of Reference Data Libraries at the Fiatech Member Meeting, Sept. 29-Oct 1, 2014 in Philadelphia.

During the December 4 Conference Call/ Virtual Meeting, updates on progress and activity were provided by each of the three organizations. Fiatech presented on Fiatech’s Path Forward, MIMOSA presented on Improving RDL Content and PCA presented on Managing Reference Data Services (RDS) Operations. These presentations, as well as the PCA Generic Information Modeling Process are available by clicking on each of the respective hyperlinks.

Fiatech Members have identified the following five priorities for Accelerating Industry Adoption of RDL’s in three areas:

Operations, Sustainment & Governance
1. Implement SV RDL/ RDL IF (Improvement Framework)
2. Use Case Development initial focus on Integrating Standard Equipment Data Sheets with the RDL

Marketing & Communication

3. Business Case - Industry Benefits for Reference Data Services White Paper 4. Further Development and Implementing Training Program

Improving the RDL

5. RDL Service Platform Improvements

If you are interested in participating in the virtual meetings for progress reports on accelerating the adoption of RDL's, please contact Ray Topping, Fiatech Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..