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An Overview of Existing BIM Standards and Guidelines: A Report to the Fiatech AutoCodes Project

Fiatech membership, as well as the public, will now find the AutoCode Project’s major work deliverable, “An Overview of Existing BIM Standards and Guidelines” available for review and download.

The report was funded by the AutoCodes project and produced in fall 2013, by University of Texas graduate student and recent Fiatech CETI Award winner, Li Wang, with assistance from her faculty advisor, Dr. Fernanda Leite.

The report provides a review and analysis of all current BIM related documents and recommendations as to their potential relevance to the AutoCodes project.The  overview covers 28 international and national BIM Standards and Guidelines including eight that were developed by third party organizations (e.g. National BIM Standard) and twenty by owner organizations (e.g.  U.S. General Services Administration). [More...]