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Capital Projects Technology Roadmap: New Leaders and Champions Onboard

August 22, 2013, Austin, TX - Fiatech has announced new leadership roles for its Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Team and three Roadmap Element groups. The new assignments come alongside transitions for three Element group leaders.

Rob Brawn, CH2MHILL, is the new Roadmap co-leader. He joins fellow co-leader Gary Barnes, Bechtel, to head up the overall Roadmap effort. The Roadmap Team also has retained the services of Dr. Bill O'Brien, The University of Texas at Austin, for academic and research guidance.

Roadmap Element transitions include new leaders in Design; Procurement & Supply Networks; and Information Management.

For Design (Roadmap Element 2), Brent Mauti takes over for former Element lead Rob Brawn. Mauti is a practicing architect with 12 years of experience, the last 10 with CH2MHILL. He has worked in design and construction management projects from multiple business groups. Among his responsibilities are Building Information Modeling (BIM), design automation implementation and standards, technology application and technological change, and 3D design in numerous large-scale projects for the firm.

In Procurement & Supply Management (Roadmap Element 3), the new leader is Brady Richardson. Richardson has a 26-year career in material management with Fluor, executing projects around the world. His experience includes projects in oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and mining and metals. He also has experience with multiple engineering, fabrication, and construction facilities, with responsibilities including material planning, material control, procurement, expediting, traffic and logistics, and warehousing.

In Information Management (Roadmap Element 9), longtime Fiatech participant Barbara Migl, The Dow Chemical Company, has accepted the leadership role. Migl, a structural engineer with 30 years at Dow, is the Global Technology Leader for Dow's Engineering Information Management group. This 100-person group supports Dow's Engineering Solutions. It also supports Dow's various businesses as they try to absorb and use the information created by the Engineering Solutions function and the other engineering companies hired by Dow.

Transitions also are part of the moves in the Fiatech Roadmap areas. Brawn, now the new co-leader of the overall Roadmap effort, transitions out of his leadership role with the Design group. Ken Long, Panalpina, steps down from Fiatech's Procurement & Supply Networks Element group. Also stepping down from Fiatech Roadmap work is Bruce Strupp, CH2MHILL, who recently led the Information Management Element effort. Fiatech greatly appreciates the work of these leaders, who volunteered of their time and expertise to help the Roadmap work reach new levels of achievement.

For more information on the Roadmap and how you can get involved, contact Bob Wible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..