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New Projects: Spec Modeling Lab, 3D Virtual Reality Guidelines, and Technology Apps Catalog

July 10, 2013, Austin, TX - Fiatech has announced the launch of three new projects that include: a collaboration lab for specification modeling, guidelines for 3D solutions for virtual reality, and a catalog of successful technology applications. The projects, developed and initiated by Fiatech members, add to Fiatech’s robust portfolio of projects. Kickoff meetings for all three projects are being planned, and all Fiatech members and partners are encouraged to participate. Those interested in participating should contact the Fiatech staff listed in the summary descriptions below.

Laboratory of Collaboration for Specification Modeling
The recently completed Fiatech Specification Automation project published a file format and a set of interoperability XML schemas aimed at standardizing the underlying representation of these documents and reducing inconsistencies in project documents. Several Fiatech members combined their requirements and R&D to develop and deploy commercial applications of the new format. The addition of interoperability requires operational changes in the way people work in order to realize the full potential for productivity improvement. An important step is developing a model to accompany the tool that acts as a “how to” guide for best use. The developed model will provide guidance for organizational training, adoption, expansion, and conversion as they pertain to the new tool.

This project builds upon these tools and systems by creating a laboratory of collaboration where specifiers from a variety of industries and disciplines can engage in modeling specifications to encourage interoperability, maintainability, and ultimately improved compliance to the specifications. The next steps are to better standardize the tags, models, and automated application of specs in actual practice, and interoperate with other related standards and tools.

This effort will produce schemas, templates, recommendations, and document through case studies the development of a toolkit that specifiers can use to reduce lack of coordination between data used in the construction specification process.

A kickoff meeting is being planned for late July. Fiatech members will receive an invitation notice. Interested parties should contact Fiatech Senior Project Manager Bob Wible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Guidelines for 3D Virtual Reality Solutions for Operations
Building owners and operators have already started leveraging 3D design information to develop 3D virtual experiences that drive productivity and efficiency improvements. However, no current guidelines or best practices for these simulations exist. This project will develop vendor-independent strategies and guidelines for building owners and operators to extract value from engineering 3D virtual experiences for process and refining assets for reliable and optimized production. 

The project will leverage existing knowledge and lessons learned in the industry, and will focus on contributions from owners and operators. The expected outputs will be recommended guidelines on workflows and data models, and descriptions of lessons learned, constraints, and limitations. A kickoff meeting will be scheduled soon. Interested parties should contact Fiatech Senior Project Manager Bob Wible at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Catalog of Successful Technology Applications
Fiatech members and partners continue to make advances in implementing new technologies and innovative practices for capital projects. These advances are made on Fiatech projects as well as through individual company and organization activities.

This project will serve as a clearinghouse for collecting those advancements and provide a compendium (catalog) of successful implementations of the various technologies and work processes across all the Roadmap elements. The developed “Catalog of Successful Technology Applications” will provide a reference source for successful implementations of technology, including lessons learned and plans for future use. It also will provide a dynamic document/database that will be searchable by keywords (for example, laser, RFID, GPS, and data exchange). The project descriptions will include summaries of the implementation, benefits and value achieved, lessons learned in implementation, and recommendations on approaches for adoption. The catalog will provide opportunities to learn from Fiatech members and partners about technology and work process advancements that have demonstrated business value in cost, schedule, quality, project performance, safety, and other key project attributes.

A kickoff meeting will be scheduled shortly. Interested parties should contact Fiatech Project Manager Stuart Young at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..