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Materials Management Productivity Improvement Guide

January 3, 2013, Austin, TX - Fiatech has published a new report for members only entitled “Materials Management Productivity Improvement Guide." The guide provides a holistic understanding of the activities and stakeholders that are involved in materials management on a capital project and presents a methodology for systematic identification, evaluation, and realization of productivity improvement opportunities.

The report’s genesis was an effort by the National Research Council, which in 2008 called for identifying interoperable technology applications that could be breakthrough opportunities for productivity improvement in the U.S. construction industry. According to an NRC committee, interoperability (the ability to manage and communicate electronic data among all stakeholders in a capital construction project) leads to improvements in job-site efficiency through better integration of people, processes, materials, and equipment and through the ability to create more useful, timely, and accurate information delivery systems for improved project monitoring and control.

Capital project construction materials can originate anywhere in the world and travel through a logistics labyrinth to final installation at the construction site. During this journey, materials are inspected, packaged, inventoried, consolidated, stored, transported, and loaded and unloaded many times. Virtually every step in this migration exposes materials to potential delays, handling errors, and damage.

The new Fiatech report describes a methodology for materials management improvement that maximizes situation awareness, streamlines processes, and accelerates detection and responsiveness to deficiencies. It also identifies analytical methodologies to find inefficiencies and related costs associated with information flows, workflows, and materials flows. The goal of the publication is to serve as a comprehensive guide to the development and use of a system that improves materials management performance on capital projects.

The new report can be found on the members only section of the Fiatech website at