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Fiatech Announces Project Formation Process For 2012/13

Fiatech is beginning its annual project formation process. This gives Fiatech members the opportunity to propose new project ideas and, based on member consensus and budget availability, decide which projects Fiatech should pursue.

Projects are Fiatech's "lifeblood," so if you've got something you'd like Fiatech to work on in the coming year, please click the link below and complete the online form on our website.

Project ideas are welcomed from all members. Proposals should meet the following selection criteria. Please assure these are addressed in the submittals:

  • Technology Advancement — How does the proposed project help to promote the advancement of new technology?
  • Industry Value Recognition — What demonstrable value does the proposed project idea bring to industry?
  • Industry Deployment — How will the proposed project be used by industry?
  • Interoperability — How does the proposed project advance the Fiatech mission of interoperability?

Your initial submission will be acknowledged and will be assessed as part of the Fiatech annual review process. The process will adhere to the following basic timescale and milestones:

August 2012 — Project proposals received.
September 2012 — Initial review by Fiatech Capital Project Roadmap Team.
October 2012 — Further development of proposals, followed by distribution to Fiatech members for feedback and comment (at Fiatech Members Meeting and by members' online projects survey).
November 2012 — Final selection, review, and approval by Roadmap Team and Board of Advisors.
January 2013 – New projects start.

You may be contacted during this process to provide more information or to confirm and clarify aspects of your proposal.

We look forward to receiving your new ideas. If you have questions or need help with your project submission, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..