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FIATECH Establishes the James B. Porter, Jr. Technology Leadership Award

AUSTIN, TX, April 16, 2008 - On April 1, 2008, in New Orleans, FIATECH held its CETI Award Gala in conjunction with its 2008 FIATECH Annual Technology Conference and Showcase: Where the Best Get Better.  At this Award Gala, the James B. Porter, Jr. Award for Technology Leadership was unveiled and James B. Porter, Jr. Chief Engineer and Vice President, Engineering & Operations, DuPont was honored as the first recipient.

Keith Roe, Co-Chair of FIATECH’s Board of Advisors, and Chairman, President, and CEO of Burns and Roe Enterprises, Inc., presented the award saying “I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to work closely with Jim in his role as Co-Chair of the FIATECH Board of Advisors these last eight years since FIATECH’s founding. FIATECH has come a long way, and Jim’s steady hand, his seasoned guidance and insights, his optimism and willingness to take risk, have all played critical roles in getting us to where we are today. Anyone who has come into contact with Jim during the course of his career will recognize these qualities in him, and it is because of these qualities that we have named this award after him. Jim is a true leader, a man who inspires everyone to achieve his or her best and to advance not only themselves and their company, but their industry by bringing the very best of themselves and technology to their work.”

Mr. Porter was accompanied at the Award Ceremony by his wife, Deborah Grubbe, Vice President, Group Safety, BP International, as well as by many of his friends and colleagues from DuPont, and many other companies across the industry.

The James B. Porter, Jr. Technology Leadership Award  honors and celebrates Mr. Porter’s vision, leadership, technical acumen, and commitment to people and to advancing the industry and the goals of FIATECH. In future years, this prestigious award will be given to a deserving individual who is selected by the FIATECH Board of Advisors and exemplifies these characteristics.

“We at DuPont offer our warmest congratulations to Jim Porter on receiving this award for Technology Leadership.  Jim is known throughout DuPont for championing technical and engineering innovation, realizing his vision of a global engineering competency, and dedicating himself to promoting diversity in every organization he has led.  He is a true gentleman, an insightful leader, and an astute businessman,” said Chad Holliday, Chairman & CEO of DuPont.

“It’s been said by others wiser than I that the true measure of one’s life is the people that one has touched and the way that they are bettered by having known you.  This, it is said, is one’s legacy, and there is no other legacy that matters.  By this measure, Jim is an extraordinary man, and it is by this measure and for this reason, that we in FIATECH have created this award and named it after him.  We are all bettered by having known him,” said Ric Jackson, Director of FIATECH.
FIATECH will present the James B. Porter, Jr. Technology Leadership Award to the next recipient on April 28, 2009 in Las Vegas.