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cycle of capital assets.
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Fiatech Europe & Middle East

EMEM 2013

Fiatech is pleased to announce that the 2013 Fiatech Europe & Middle East Meeting will once again take place in conjunction with the SPAR events, providing asset owners and operators the opportunity to meet, network, discuss projects, ideas and other initiatives.

Fiatech is a member-based organization comprised of asset owners and operators, leading providers of engineering, design, procurement and construction, innovative solution providers, and world-class researchers and academics. Some of the areas we are currently working in include life cycle data management, RFID applications, remote sensing capabilities, mobile IT, specification modeling, materials risk mitigation, and 3D virtual reality solutions for operations.

We invite you to join us at this one-day event where we showcase our current project slate and delivery and hear from some of our members on how they are implementing these technologies into their capital projects.

To register for this meeting, go to

See you in Amsterdam on the 11th!