Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.
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2008 Webinars


Streamlining Building Regulatory Processes
Bob Wible, FIATECH

Project and Portfolio Management and BIM for the Plan, Build, Operate Phases of a Facilities Lifecycle
Marc Krichman, Meridian Systems

Toys for Techies
Fran Rabuck, Bentley Systems


Beyond the Bell Curve: A Report on Managing Capital Project Risk
Mark Bridgers FMI; Jeff Lukowski, FMI

Using XMpLant & ISO 15926 to Visualize Process Plant Data
Mark Hollingworth, Octaga; John Arthur, Octaga

AMEC Paragon's Integrated Project Execution Strategy Delivers Measurable Project Savings-Technology Implementation Case Study
Marc-Henri Cerar, AMEC Paragon; Mike Rieker, AVEVA


ISO 15926 (FIATECH IDS-ADI Project)
Robin Benjamins, Bechtel

Project and Portfolio Management and BIM for the Plan, Build, Operate Phases of a Facilities Lifecycle
Marc Krichman, Meridian Systems


A Software Vendor's View of ISO 15926 in Open Applications
Rob Harper, Bentley Systems; Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley Systems

Integration of Lean Construction Production Planning with BIM
Igor Starkov, Tokmo Solutions


SMARTcodes - Automated Code Compliance and e-Government
David Conover, International Code Council (ICC)


Issues & Benefits of RFID-based Project Management Systems in Real World Construction Projects
Sangyoon Chin, Sungkyunkwan University


Operating at the Edge (of the Enterprise)
Guy Mikel, GlobeRanger


Using Coreworx to Overcome Challenges to Capital Projects
Craig Lentz, The Windsor Group; Paul Sunderland, Software Innovation; Deborah Dooley, Chevron Corporation

Site Security and Communications Using Multiple Green-Power Sources
Doug Foran, Mobile Site Security Platforms


IFD Library: Open Terminology System for buildingSMART
Roger Grant, CSI, Lars Bjorkhaug, MSc.; Jacob Mehus, Standards Norway


Regulatory Streamlining and Information Technology – Speeding the FIATECH Roadmap's Implementation
Bob Wible, FIATECH; Judy Passwaters, DuPont; Henry Kosarzycki, State of Wisconsin


Combined .Net and Dynamic Tessellation
Alain Hubrecht, VRcontext; Nelia Mazula, VRcontext

RFID Industry Update
Kevin Donahue, RFID TagSource


Automated Knowledge Discovery System
Richard Neal, IMTI