Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.
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2010 Webinars


Toys for Techies
Fran Rabuck, Bentley Systems

Designing New Levels of Efficiency & Collaboration with Digital Signatures
Sam Aviram, ARX


The Real Value of Better Front-End Planning for Capital Projects
Dr. G. Edward Gibson, Arizona State University; Sandra MacGillivray, Coreworx

Replicable Building Guideline
Thomas Phillips, Target Corporation


Improving Construction Productivity Using an Automated Field Data Collection System
Jon Chesser, Atlas RFID Solutions


Why Project-Based Solutions Are Replacing ERP For Improved Support Of The Project Life Cycle?
Kenny Ingram, IFS; Christian Klingspor, IFS


Project Data Visualization and Interoperability Problems? JT Has Answers
Mike Zink, Siemens Industry Software; Erica Simmons, Siemens Industry Software


Global Materials Management Solutions (GMMS) Update
Reg Hunter, Engineered Systems Solution Designer


Integrate High Definition Surveying Directly into Real-time Construction Site's Geomatics
Seth Goucher, Cianbro

Driving Construction Project Success with Trust-Based Collaboration
Doug Rubingh, Aconex; Shawn Pressley, Hill International

Digital Measurement & Layout Applied to David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Vincent Frasca, Theometrics

Gino Cecchetto, Blach


Real-Time Supply Chain Management Using Virtual Design and Construction and Lean
Atul Khanzode, Stanford University; Sangwoo Cho, Stanford University

BIM for Risk Management on Mega Projects
Dr. Dennis Shelden, Gehry Technologies and Tarek Bahgat, Gehry Technologies

Integrated Construction Planning with SmartPlantĀ® Construction 2010
Michael Buss, Intergraph

Visualization of Eng.Graphics in Augmented Reality for Integrated & Auto Project Processes
Dr. Vineet R. Kamat, University of Michigan


Streamlining Commissioning and Closeout for Facilities Mgmt Integration - A Hospital Case
Corinne Ambler, Barton Malow Company; Andy Dickey, Tekla Structures, Inc.; Josh Kanner, Vela Systems; Brian Larson, Barton Malow Company


Vehicle Tracking & Telematics: Reduce Costs & CO2; Improve Svcs in Utilities & Construction
Craig Sears-Black, Isotrak Ltd.; Boyd Neal, Skanska


ProjectWise Lifecycle Server Leverages ISO 15926 to Deliver ROI in Weeks Not Years
Sam Migliore, Bentley Systems; Dr. Manoj Dharwadkar, Bentley Systems

Planning for Productivity Improvement: Capital Construction Projects
Reg Hunter, Associate with Next Generation Productivity Solutions (NGPS), The DiLuzio Group; Panalpina

Life Cycle BIM: Data Workflow From Design & Construction to FM/O&M (and back)
Igor Starkov, Tokmo; Mitch Boryslawski, View by View


User Acceptance of Mobile IT (A FIATECH Project)
Neill Pawsey, COMIT; Dr. Andrew May, Loughborough University