Fiatech is an international community
of passionate stakeholders working
together to lead global development
and adoption of innovative practices
and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life
cycle of capital assets.
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2011 Webinars


How to Successfully Operationalize Your Project Information Handover Strategy
Dawn Fiander-McCann, Industry Consultant, Coreworx


Data Centric Information Migration, Cross Referencing & Global Sharing of Commodity Materials Used in the Capital Projects
Michael Sprague, Director, eBusiness Development, Thomas Industrial Network

Toys For Techies
Fran Rabuck, Bentley Systems

Robotics: Pathways to Transformative Research
Dr. Paul Oh, Drexel University; Fran Rabuck, Bentley Systems
Webinar was held, but presenter did not release authorization to post webinar on site.

Real-time Interoperability Across Multiple Disciplines and Systems – The Power of i-models
John Sanins, Bentley Systems


Photo Documentation and Emerging Technologies
Brian Sweeney,


Structural Design Optimization, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed National Stadium
Forest Flager, Stanford University

Enterprise Project Management
Craig Larson, Oracle; Garrett Harley,Oracle; Tim Beck, Oracle

123 PUNCH List Process
Todd Sutton, Zachry


Safety & Savings in Design & Construction: Using Subsurface Utility Engineering & Imaging
Gary Young, Underground Imaging Technologies, LLC; James Anspach, JH Anspach

ConsultingSmartHat: Self-Monitoring Alert and Reporting Technology for Hazard Avoidance and Training
Jochen Teizer, Georgia Institute of Technology

SmartPlant Construction Product Release Update
Tim McDavid, Intergraph


LATISTA Automates Construction Quality Management for Eli Lilly & Co.
Michael Kowalski, LATISTA Technologies, Inc.