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ISO15926 Project Information Flow (PIF)

The project will define typical major project information flows, select pilots, and try to solve them using ISO 15926 tools. It also will attempt to approximate the savings achieved. The project aims at creating real-life scenarios by querying all types of capital project players from developers, EPCs, vendors, and O&Ms to define typical data repositories and the required data flows. The project team then will try to connect some of these repositories using ISO15926 tools.


The idea behind ISO 15926 is seamless data accessibility by all players within a development project. Once this is achieved, it is hoped that major cost savings will result. The proposed project will identify some of these flows, test the ISO 15926 tools, and estimate the savings.


This project began in March 2011 and is currently collecting owner and operator results. The project team seeks persons interested in ISO 15926 with the resources to participate in preparing the deliverables.

Fiatech Staff Project Manager

Neill Pawsey, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Project Lead

Zuhair Haddad, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)

Participating Companies

Bechtel, Bentley Systems, CH2MHILL, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), The Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil, Fluor, Honeywell, Noumenon, Target, and Zachry Construction


Define typical data flows in different types of capital projects. This deliverable will be a result of surveying Fiatech member companies on how they envision deploying ISO 15926 and consolidating the survey into use cases. Test and validate available ISO 15926 tools by taking one or more use cases and testing readiness of the existing tools by simulating the use case. The deliverable will be a report describing the effort and any gaps. Assist companies in adopting ISO 15926 by highlighting implementation methodology and approximating achievable savings. This will be an executive summary of the findings identified from above exercises as well as documentation on implementation and metrics.

Completion Date

Early 2012