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Product Life Cycle Management Extensible Markup Language (PLM XML)

This is an R&D initiative aimed at identifying a basic set of XML schemas for information exchange across plant and product life cycles. The project will focus on identifying and recommending traditional XML constructs to address specific, high-value business needs and lightweight data serialization for application interoperability. PLM XML will aim to deliver value to ISO 15926 and ISO 16739 by helping define business-specific reference data and model views. The project will also evaluate applicability of Fiatech XML schema development efforts, e.g., AEX and Specification Automation, creating opportunities to reuse, incorporate, and further propagate them.


The business case for this project is to evaluate and leverage existing technology, tools, and efforts to encourage a harmonized and more interoperable set of XML schemas and workflows. The value proposition to industry is that through a relatively small effort aimed at leveraging available technologies, there will be an increase in the status of interoperability.


This project began in March 2011. The project team needs collaboration and participation from Fiatech members. The team is evaluating the opportunity to add the specification auto XML schema to PLM XML to demonstrate the openness of the technology to add new definitions.

Project Lead

Sharon Bickford, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Lead

Leon Gorbaty, TEEC

Participating Companies

CH2MHILL, Siemens, and The Engineering Essentials Company (TEEC)


Deliverables will include written recommendations for opportunities, applications, and workflows for utilizing PLM XML in various industries and applications, and demonstration of actual industry workflows involving a combination of the technologies. Proposed work:
2011: Research, analyses, and recommendations. The project should provide some definitive prototyping and at least one or two demonstrable workflows.
2012: Streamlining and packaging of multiple technologies, especially PLM XML with other schemas.
2013: Substantive contributions to/from ISO 15926, ISO 16739, BIM, and other technologies.
2014: Accreditation and/or certification of PLM XML as a life-cycle data serialization model by an international standards organization such as ISO, ECMA, or others.

Completion Date

First report and demonstration to be provided in late 2011.